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26 terms

El Futuro

El Futuro perifrastico y El Futuro Sencillo
I will study
Yo estudiaré
She will open
Ella abrirá
We will play (games)
Nosotros jugaremos
They are going to write
Ellos van a escribir
He will play (music)
Él tocará
I am going to eat
Yo voy a comer
You (all) will buy
Uds. comprarán
You (fam) will take (test)
Tú tomarás
They are going to travel
Ellos van a viajar
I will read
Yo leeré
We are going to know (vocab)
Nosotros vamos a saber
She will wear
Ella llevará
They will fill out
Ellos llenarán
It will be
You (fam) are going to sing
Tú vas a cantar
I will not speak
Yo no hablaré
She will lose
Ella perderá
They will communicate
se comunicarán
You (all) will answer
Uds. contestarán
I am going to sleep
Yo voy a dormir
I will have
Yo tendré
I won´t fit
yo no cabré
I will leave
yo saldré
I will put on my jacket
yo me pondré la chaqueta
I will stay in Singapore
Yo me quedaré en Singapur
I won´t be able to do it
Yo no podré hacerlo