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Mastering Astronomy assignment 13 (Ch. 16 & 17)

The Crab Nebula is the result of a ____ that was witnessed on Earth in the year 1054.


Betelgeuse is a supergiant star that will eventually supernova, which means that by mass it is classified as a ____ .

high-mass star

The debris from the death of a high-mass star forms a ___ several light years across.

supernova remnant

A _____ has a density higher than the density of a white dwarf.

neutron star

____ actually occurred about 150,000 years ago in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Supernova 1987A

The ____ is the process by which hydrogen fusion proceeds in high-mass stars.

CNO cycle

Carbon can be converted into oxygen in the cores of high-mass stars if carbon nuclei undergo a _____ .

helium capture reaction

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