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A thermometer is a device used to measure what?
A barometer
What is the name of a weather instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure?
Cloud height
A ceilometer is a weather instrument used to measure what?
Wind direction
A wind vane is a weather instrument used to measure what?
Wind speed
An anemometer is a weather instrument used to measure what?
A weather ______ is a weather instrument used to measure the intensity of precipitation as well as the direction of movement of precipitation.
A _________ radar is a weather instrument which is used to measure atmospheric hydrometeors (i.e., precipitation) in both the vertical and the horizontal axis (i.e., 3-D precipitation analysis capability).
Pitot tube
A _______ is a weather instrument which can often be found on both private and commercial aircraft to measure in-flight wind speeds outside the aircraft at any given point in time.
1959 - It was called 'Vanguard 2' and it was designed to collect data about cloud cover, but unfortunately, it wasn't very successful and was soon replaced by a more effective weather satellite.
In which year was the first weather satellite launched?
Weather balloon
A _________ is a weather instrument which is used to gather vertical profiles of temperature, dew point, wind speed, wind direction, and more throughout a good portion of the atmosphere.
Rain gauge
A ________________ is a weather instrument which is used to measure rainfall totals over some period.
Doppler-on-Wheels (DOW)
A _________ _____ _________ is a highly-advanced mobile meteorological instrument and research platform which is used by many advanced research teams to conduct in-depth research studies on hurricanes, thunderstorms, and even winter storms at times.
NASA Globalhawk
The __________ ________________ is a highly sophisticated unmanned aircraft which is funded and operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to conduct in-depth and critical research flights into various atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and more.
Stevenson box
A _________________ is a box, made of a double-layer screens and it is used to shield meteorological instruments when there is precipitation, or the instruments are exposed to direct heat radiation from outside sources. This protective shelter allows for the free passage of air around the more sensitive weather sensors.
____________ is a meteorological imaging technology which is primarily used for measuring distance and remotely obtaining information about objects which are located at some given distance. For this technology, a laser is used to illuminate the target and then the reflected light is analyzed. In meteorology, this technology is chiefly used to perform a range of measurements that include profiling clouds, measuring winds, studying aerosols and quantifying various atmospheric components.
Wind sock
_________ is typically constructed as an elevated cone made ​​of fabric which is primarily designed to indicate the direction and approximate wind speed. This simple device is mainly used in the aviation industry to help guide pilots and air traffic controllers.
Wind profiler
A ___________________ is a meteorological instrument which uses radar or sound waves (SODAR) to determine the wind speed as well as direction at specified elevations above the surface of the Earth at some given location. The variables measured from wind direction and speed is useful to meteorological forecasting and timely reporting for flight planning.
A _____________ is a meteorological device which is used to analyze the volume of a given particle distribution within a controlled environment. The main application of this technology is to determine the size, speed, and number of raindrops as well as frozen precipitation (when applicable) as well.
A _____________ is a meteorological device which is used for measuring humidity. There are several types of hygrometers (e.g., coil, hair tension, capacitive, resistive, etc.).