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Intro to criminal Justice Final exam

The defining event that helped shape police reforms in the 1990's was the
Beating of Rodney King
Which federal law enforcement agency has unlimited jurisdiction?
No single agency has unlimited jurisdiciton
What federal agency is responsible for the transportation of federal prisoners?
U.S. Marshals
What state formed the first statewide police agency?
Most police agencies are organized in what manner?
Militaristic and hierarchical
How do most municipal police departments determine promotion eligibility?
Time in rank
Who is the person with general administrative control over the police organization?
What police support unit is responsible for investigating allegations for police misconduct?
Internal affairs
Designated police patrol areas are called
When does an officer have the most amount of discretion?
Traffic stop.
Which of the following is not a requirement for search warrants drawn from the fourth amendment?
If police executing a search warrant find contraband or other criminal evidence not specified in the original search warrant
They may lawfully seize the items under the plain sight exception
Legal grounds for a search warrant
Testimony of an informant whose info can be verified by police
Testimony of someone who has firsthand knowledge of a crime
Testimony of a crime victim
What happens if a suspect waives his right to the Miranda rights?
Any statement they make is admissible in a court of law
The police may not search the passengers of an automobile during routine traffic stops
Term used to describe an effect that occurs when criminals move from an area targeted for increased police presence to another that is less protected?
What is not a focus of community policing?
Police officer retention
What percent of police departments now have some type of college requirement?
16% percent
What is not a core belief at the heart of the police culture?
Patrol work gives officers the chance to be heroes in the eyes of the public.
what is an example of an impact munitions?
Rubber Bullets
When the supreme court hears cases pertaining to search and seizure warrants they draw mainly on what amendment?
The fourth
What occurs when a police officer takes a person into custody or deprives a person of freedom for having allegedly committing a criminal offense?
The requirement that a search warrant state precisely where the search is to take place and what items are to seized is referred to as the
Particularity requirement
What search falls outside of the protection of the plain view doctrine?
The use of thermal imaging devices to search for weed in a suspects home or garage.
The legal grounds which authorize wiretapping of any alien the government believes is a member of a foreign terrorist group or is an agent of a foreign power is called
The foreign intelligence surveillance act
Exclusionary rule
the principle that prohibits using illegally obtained evidence in a trial.
Where was the first police agency created
One component of the criminal justice system
in order to legally arrest someone an officer must satisfy what level of evidence?
Probable cause
The ecology of crime refers to what
Season and climate
O.J. Simpson case is what level on the cake?
Level one
The FBI is responsible for the UCR?
What type of crime is not reported to the part 1 or part two offense section of the UCR?
Traffic violations
Mass Murder
Type of multiple killer who kills many victims in a single outburst
Spree Killer
Type of multiple killer who spreads his killings over a few days or weeks
Serial killer
Killer who kills over a long period of time and assumes a normal identity
Hate Crimes
Criminal acts directed toward a particular group of people
Expressive violence
Violent behavior motivated by rage, anger or frustration
Instrumental violence
Violent behavior such as shooting someone during an armed robbery
Miranda rights must be read to you anytime a police officer speaks to you?
How many classes of felonies are there in Arizona
A type of jury responsible for investigating alleged crimes, examining evidence and issuing indictments is called
A grand jury
Victim precipitation theory
Role of the victim in provoking or encouraging criminal behvaior
Routine activity theory
Related to the nature of normal everyday patterns of human behavior
Lifestyle theory
Victimization risk is increased by engaging in risky behvaior
Choice theory
People commit crimes when they perceive benefits of law violation outweighing the threat of punishment and pain
The criminal justice system
The system of law enforcement, adjudication, and correction that is directly involved in the apprehension, prosecution, and control of those charged with criminal offenses.