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  1. Sara Pennypacker
  2. Cynthia Voigt
    (Cynthia Voy-t)
  3. Patricia Reilly Giff
  4. Louise Erdrich
    (Louise Erd-rick)
  5. Kate DiCamillo
    (Kate Dee-Cam-ill-o)

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  1. Waiting for the MagicTony DiTerlizzi
    (Tony Dee-Tear-Leezy)


  2. Who was Neil Armstrong?Roberta Edwards


  3. Kenny & the DragonTony DiTerlizzi
    (Tony Dee-Tear-Leezy)


  4. Umbrella SummerLisa Graff


  5. Inside Out & Back AgainThanhha Lai
    (Tang-Ha Lie)


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