21 terms

1092: My Favourite Sport

to bounce
to hit a surface and then move in another direction
to catch
to use your hands to stop and hold an object that is moving through the air
to cheat
to break a rule
coach / trainer
a person who trains and organizes a sports team
the things needed for a sports activity
a person who supports a team or an athelete
to get injured
to get hurt
the place where a ball or puck must be hit or kicked
to hit
to move your hand or a bat quickly to touch something or somebody
to kick
to hit someone or something with your foot
to lose
to fail to win
to pass
to throw, hit or kick a ball to a teammate
to practise
to do something again and again
a judge in games and in sports
to score
to get points
to shoot
to make a ball, an arrow or a bullet to move
to throw
to make something to move away from your hands
trainers / sneakers
shoes for doing sports
a competition
instrument which referees use to get attention or indicate something
to win
to achieve victory in a game

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