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Genghis Chan

a young leader that came to power in 1206

Great Yasa

Genghis chan wrote this "law code"

Seige Warfare

a tactic used against towns and cities since the days of ancient empires

Pretended Retreat

pretended to be beaten; Mongols retreated; another tactic used by Genghis Chan

Arrow Writers

the "horsemen" of Genghis Chan's army


a camp where a general lived


Round tents Mongols lived in


sheets to keep people warm in Winter


most common Mongol drink; made from Mayor's


the great god of heaven


the priest of the traditional Mongol religion


the Mongols believed that certain men had power over the spirits


claimed that neither they nor their name sake held false teaching

Kublai Khan

Genghis Khan's grandson; came in power in 1279.

Yuan Dynasty

was China's first foreign dynasty

Golden Horde

1243 Bata and his descendants settled down on the Volga River and est. their rule in Moscow.


had an accident in youth. He was called" Timer the Lame"

Mughal Dynasty

the last Mongol empire


the most famous Mughal ruler. A wise and generous leader


some of the India's greatest architecture

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