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when a stronger country dominates a weaker country for its natural resources (Africa suffers the most)

common wealth

country that handles its own internal affairs but is protected by a larger power


country completely dominated by a larger power

seward's folly

refers to the american purchase of Alaska by secretary of state William seward

jose marti

cuban author & revolutionary who led the movement against Spain

yellow journalism

when the newspaper makes up stories to sell papers

de Lome letter

letter form Spanish diplomat to Spain that calls president McKinley weak

USS Maine

american warship destroyed of the coast of cuba probably by accident

admiral George dewey

american admiral who led an assault on manilla & captured the Philippines

rough riders

voluntary cavalry regiment led by TR that gains fame in Cuba

treaty o paris (1898)

treaty that ends SP-AM war: A) gives Spain $20,000,000 B) US acquires Guam, Cuba, puerto rico, Philippines

platt amendment

law that governs Cuba and newly acquired territories that offers little independence & restrictive trade agreement

insulur cases

series of supreme court cases in the 1890's &early 1900's that asks the question: does the constitution follow the flag (no)

open dooor policy

refers to the us foreign policy in china to allow free trade

Boxer rebellion

revolt by Chinese peasant against European rule (sorta fails, scares Europe)

$ diplomacy

when the us spreads its influence around the globe usinmg money & marines

Roosevelt corollary

US foreign policy gives us the right to intervene in any S. American country we choose


pacific island taken by the US for its sugar

"white Man's burden"

poem by RUDYARD KIPLING that says the us has responsibility to colonize the world

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