12 terms

12 systems of the body, what's their function?

Integumentary system (4)
-largest sensory organ
-vitamin D syntheses
-protects deeper tissue
-regulates fluid and blood loss
skeletal system (4)
-stores calcium
-frame work for the body
-protects vital organs
-produces red blood cells
muscular system (4)
-generates heat
-creates movement
-maintains posture
-uses energy
Immune System (1)
-portions of many different systems that fight disease
lymphatic System (2)
-picks up fluids leaked from the capillaries
-supports immune systems: houses white blood cells
cardiovascular System (2)
-transportation of nutrients and gas waste
-supports immune function
urinary system (2)
-get rid of nitrogenous waste out of blood
-regulated electrolytes, fluid and pH balance
Digestive system (1)
-breaks down food into the building blocks for the body
respiratory system (2)
-portions moistens and heats air
-gas exchange
nervous system (4)
-sensory input
-interpretation of input or thought
-elicit and signal responses
-coordination of muscles
endocrine System (2)
-secrets hormones that regulate growth, metabolism and general body function.
Reproductive System (2)
-production off spring
-production of hormones