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Finally, a list of all monsters and enemies in the realm! (excluding dungeons)

Quest Monsters (Wandering Quest Monsters)

Scorpion Queen, Bandit Leader, Hobbit Mage, Undead Hobbit Mage, Giant Crab, Sandsman King, Goblin Mage, Elf Wizard, Desert Werewolf, Dwarf King, Swarm, Great Lizard, Wasp Queen, Horned Drake

Quest Monsters (Treasure Chest Bosses)

Deathmage, Great Coil Snake, Lich, Ent Ancient, Oasis Giant, Phoenix Lord, Ghost King, Cyclops God, Kage Kami, Red Demon

Quest Monsters (Event Bosses)

Skull Shrine, Cube God, Pentaract, Grand Sphinx, Lord of the Lost Lands, Hermit God, Ghost Ship, Eye of the Dragon, Avatar of the Forgotten King

Gods of the Realm

Medusa, Beholder, Ent God, Leviathan, Djinn, Flying Brain, Ghost God, Slime God, Wood, Steel, and Rock Constructs, White Demon, Headless Horseman, Crystal Prisoner, Beer God

Lucky Gods

Lucky Djinn, Lucky Ent God

Minor Gods

Flayer, Minotaur, Lizard God, Undead Dwarf God

Rare Encounters

Beer God, Headless Horseman, Candy Gnome, Beach Bum


Adult White Dragon, Birdman, Birdman Chief, Black Bat, Desert Werewolf, Dragon Egg, Drake Baby, Easily Enraged Bunny, Enraged Bunny, Ent, Ent Sapling, Fire Sparrow, Forest Nymph, Gelatinous Cubes, Gray Blob, Great Coil Snake, Great Lizard, Greater Nature Sprite, Green Slimes, Horned Drake, Juvenile White Dragon, Pink Blob, Red Spider, Sand Devil, Scorpion Queen, Snake, Sprites, Swarm, Wasp Queen, Werelion, White Dragon Whelp


Demon, Demon Mage, Demon Warrior, Flamer, Flamer King, Flayer, Flayer Veteran, Imp


Clockwork Golem, Darkness Golem, Earth Golem, Fire Golem, Metal Golem, Paper Golem


Big Green Slime, Cyclops, Cyclops King, Cyclops Noble, Cyclops Prince, Cyclops Warrior, Goblin, Goblin Mage, Goblin Rogue,
Goblin Warrior, Oasis Creature, Oasis Monster, Oasis Ruler, Oasis Soldier, Ogre, Ogre King, Ogre Mage, Ogre Warrior, Ogre Wizard, Orc, Orc King, Orc Mage, Orc Queen, Orc Veteran, Orc Warrior, Shield Orc Flooder, Shield Orc Key, Shield Orc Shield


Bandit, Bandit Leader, Dwarf Axebearer, Dwarf King, Dwarf Mage, Dwarf Veteran, Dwarf Warrior, Elf Archer, Elf Mage, Elf Swordsman, Elf Veteran, Elf Wizard, Hobbit Archer, Hobbit Mage, Hobbit Rogue, Lil Sumo, Night Elf Archer, Night Elf King, Night Elf Mage, Night Elf Queen, Night Elf Veteran, Night Elf Warrior, Nomadic Shaman, Pirates, Sandsman Archer, Sandsman King, Sandsman Sorcerer, Sumo Master


Deathmage, Ghost Archer, Ghost Knight, Ghost Mage, Ghost Paladin, Ghost Rogue, Ghost Warrior, Mummy, Mummy King, Mummy Pharaoh, Sand Phantom, Skeleton,
Skeleton King, Skeleton Mage, Skeleton Swordsman, Skeleton Veteran, Soulless Dwarf, Undead Dwarf Axebearer, Undead Dwarf King, Undead Dwarf Mage, Undead Dwarf Veteran, Undead Dwarf Warrior, Undead Hobbit Archer, Undead Hobbit Mage, Undead Hobbit Rogue

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