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Greece Chapter


A fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek city.


A central area in Greek cities used both as a marketplace and as a meeting place.


A government in which power is in the hands of a hereditary ruling class or nobility


A lawmaking body of Sparta made up of a group of citizens who voted on issues.


A person with certain rights and duties under a government who takes part in governing.

Code of Draco

The oral tradition was first written down and made into laws by Draco which were extremely strict, dealth penalty for any offence.

Delian League

A pact joined in by Athens, Sparta and other Greek city-states to protect greece from Persia.


Rule by the people.

Direct Democracy

Government where each citizen can have input into each decision made.


Peasants forced to stay on the land they worked by the Spartans.

Battle of Marathon

Battle where the Persians army which invaded Greece were defeated on the plain of Marathon by an Athenian army.


A government ruled by a king or queen.

Persian Wars

A series of wars between Greek city-states and the Persian Empire resulting in the beginning of the Greek Golden Age.


Greek city-state.

Battle of Salamis

Sea battle in which Athenians defeated Persians in 480 B.C.E.

Battle of Thermopylae

Battle during the Persian wars in which 300 Spartan and (6000-7000) other Greek soldiers fought to the death against a much larger Persian force in a mountain pass.


A form of government in which the ruler uses force to retain absolute power.

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