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A country ruled by a single leader who has full power over the country. This leader is not elected.


A situation where there is no government.


Rule by an individual (King or Queen) who has inherited the role and expects to pass it onto their heir.


The government or council that controls a smaller area within a country.


Rule by a single leader, all his or her subjects are considered his or her slaves.


A country that has no monarch. The head of the country is usually an elected president.

Constitutional Monarchy

Has a democratic government that limits the control of the Monarch (King or Queen).


A country that is changing from one type of government to another.

Totalitarian State

A country with one political party.


A government composed of the wealthy class.


A central government shares power with a number of small local governments.


If a government is overthrown by force, the overthrowing government is sometimes called the Revolutionary Government.

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