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Def: area
Sig: space, or spatial analysis, is the heart of geography(like time is to historians)
Def: the system used to transfer locations from earth's surface to a flat map
Sig: it will always cause distortion (direction, area, distance, shape, and/or proximity)
Def: problems created when "flattening" the earth (distance, direction, area, shape & proximity)
Ex: the mercator projection heavily distorts area at the higher latitudes
Def: the size of something
- in cartography it's the ratio of the size of the map to what it represents
- The scale of inquiry refers to the extent of an area being analyzed or discussed (local, global, etc.)
Sig: scales are often interrelated (local affects global and vise versa) and vary (the US is wealthy but regions within the US are not)
Def: a computer system which could collect, store, retrieve and depict spatial date from the real world.
Ex: Google maps use various data to help us locate, navigate and determine commute time to various locations.
- Def: GPS is an example of a "satellite navigation system" which helps us determine absolute location of something.
• Ex: GPS can help us locate or track tagged animals or packages.
Global Positioning System
Def: the scanning of the earth's surface by satellite or a high flying airplane to obtain information about it.
Ex: it's used to see urban sprawl, shrinking ice caps and deforestation
Remote Sensing
Def: facts or information used usually to calculate, analyze, or plan something
Ex: -Geospatial(geographic or spatial info)
-Qualitative(non-measurable info)
-Quantitative(measurable/numbered info)