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"There was a town down there, as flat as a flannel cake..."

Verbal Irony

"There was a town down there, as flat as a flannel cake, and called Summit, of course." pg 580


" the color of the cover of a magazine you want to buy when you want to catch a train."


"But wait till I tell you." pg. 581


"Then we had supper; and he filled his mouth full of bacon and bread and gravy, and began to talk.

situational irony

The kidnappers ment to take the boy hostage, but instead the boy took them hostage.

dramatic irony

Bill thinks he has rid himself of the boy, but we know that he is standing right behind Bill


Bill asks Sam if he knows who his favorite biblical character is and then he says that it is King Herod.

Situational Irony

The father will make the men pay for taking his son, instead of the man paying to get his son back.


"None of'em ever was subjected to such supernatural tortures as I have been." pg 590

O. Henry



Situational location


Broad location


Broad time


Red Chief


Bill Driscoll and narrorator


Red Chief is static/dynamic


Bill and narrorator are static/dynamic


The narrorator explained that they needed 2,000 dollars to pull off a fradulent scheme in Western Illinois.


They selected their victom, the son of a prominent citizen Ebenezer Dorset.

initial incident

Bill and the nararator capture Dorset's son.

rising action

Dorset's son declairs himself Red Chief.

rising action

Rising actionBill and Sam (the narrorator) write the ransom note to Ebenezer Dorset

rising action

Bill voices his annoyance of the boy.


the father suggests that they return his son and pay him two hundred and fifty dollars. In return he will take his son of their hands. In this section the kidnappers are forced to accept the offer and return Johnny (Red Chief) home and pay the ransom to the father.


They return the boy, pay Dorset and run away.

Point of view

First person


The overall mood of the story was...


The overall tone of the story was...

Direct characterization

Characterization: "The kid was a boy of ten, with bas-relief freckles and hair the color of a magazine you would but at the newsstand when you want to catch a train."

characters words

Characterization: "I was nine last birthday. I hate to go to school. Rats ate up sixteen of Jimmy Talbots's aunt's speckled hen's eggs... Do Oxen make any noise? Why are oranges round? Have you got beds to sleep on in this cave?"

characters actions

Characterization: I went out and caught that boy and shook him until his frechles rattled.

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