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Sociology Ch. 10

Which statement is LEAST accurate regarding sex and gender?
The terms "sex" and "gender" are sociologically and biologically interchangeable.
Which of the following is a primary sex characteristic?
a uterus in women
Why do sociologists classify females as a minority group?
There is not a single society known where women-as-a-group have decision-making power over men.
What is the practices of suttee?
burning the living widow with the body of her dead husband
Which wave of the women's movement focused on the problems of women in the least industrialized nations?
the third wave
The first wave of the women's movement had a radical branch and a conservative branch. What was the goal of the radical branch of the movement?
reforming all the institutions of society
Which wave of feminism was characterized by broad goals ranging from an increase in women's pay to an anti violence campaign?
the second wave
Agatha has worked for ten years in the public relations department of a large firm. She has been promoted to several higher paying managerial positions, but never to an executive position, even though she has directed several successful projects for the firm. Her lack of promotion MOST likely illustrates ________.
the "glass ceiling"
The range of women MOST likely to be victims of rape is ___.
16 to 19
What does it mean when sociologists say that age is "socially constructed"?
age is based on cultural attitudes that are rooted in a society
What classification or terminology do sociologists apply to women that describe their inability to gain equal access to power, property, and prestige?
minority group
When many students graduate from college, they are able to earn an extra $1,465 a month between the ages of 25 and 65. These students manage to earn this bonus by _______.
being born male
Which of the following is NOT an example of sexual harassment?
a high school boy acting obnoxious around a girl to whom he is attracted
What is the philosophy that biology is not destiny, especially with regard to justifying gender stratification?
Based on the same levels of academic achievement, where does the greatest pay gap exist between men and women over their lifetime?
among college graduates
The fact that nearly 80 percent of engineering degrees are awarded to men while 90 percent of library science degrees are awarded to women illustrates the phenomenon of ______.
gender tracking
What is the term for gender discrimination against women who miss the work experience while they care for children at home?
the child penalty
How have television advertisements and other forms of cultural media typically portrayed the elderly?
as unimportant and stereotyped
Past research appears to have supported the idea that men who have higher levels of testosterone tend to be more aggressive. What is an alternative explanation to the testosterone thesis to explain aggressive behavior in men?
the social class to which a man belongs
In Pakistan, Japan, and Kurdistan, a woman who has brought disgrace to her family is killed by a male relative, usually her brother or husband. This practice is called _________.
honor killing
How do theorists view the relationship between industrialization and the elderly in the United States?
the social value of the elderly decreased with industrialization
What sociological perspective stresses that age has no inherent meaning and that each culture shapes the way that its citizens perceive the elderly?
symbolic interactionism
Which theory posits that notion that retirement is a mutually beneficial agreement between two parts of society, the old and the young?
disengagement theory