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What are some ways you can change the magnification of a document?
You can choose commands from the View menu to zoom in, zoom out, fit the page to the window, and more. You can also use the zoom tool in the Tools panel and click or drag over a document to enlarge or reduce the view. In addition, you can use keyboard shortcuts to magnify or reduce the display. You can also use the Zoom Level box in the Application bar.
How do you select tools in InDesign?
You can click to select a tool in the Tools panel, or you can press the tool's keyboard shortcut.
What are three ways to display a panel?
click its icon, click its tab, or choose its name from the WIndow menu.
How do you create a panel group?
Drag a panel off the dock to create a free-floating panel. A panel group can be moved and resized as one panel.
How can you tell if an aspect of a layout will cause output problems?
The Preflight panel reports errors when something in the layout does not comply with the selected preflight profile.
What tool allows you to thread text frames?
the Selection tool.
What symbol indicates that a text frame has more text than it can hold-that is, overset text?
A red plus sign
What tool allows you to move both frames and graphics within frames?
The Selection tool
What panel provides options for modifying selected frames, graphics, or text?
The Control panel
What are the advantages of adding objects to master pages?
You can maintain a consistent layout on the pages to which the master is applied.
How do you change the page numbering scheme?
In the pages panel, select the page icon where you want new page numbering to begin. Then choose Numbering & Section Options from the Pages panel menu and specify the new page numbering scheme.
How do you select a master page item on a document page?
Hold down Shift+Command , and then click the object to select it.
When should you use the Selection tool to select an object, and when should you use the Direct Selection tool to select an object?
Use the Selection tool for general layout tasks, such as positioning, rotating, and resizing objects. Use the Direct Selection tool for tasks involving editing paths or frames; for example, to move an anchor point on a path or to select objects within a group and change their color.
How do you resize a graphics frame and its content simultaneously?
Select the frame with the Selection tool, hold down Command, and then drag a handle.
How do you rotate the graphic within a graphics frame without rotating the frame?
Use the Selection tool to select the graphic within the frame by clicking within the content grabber. Then position the pointer slightly outside any of the four corner handles and drag to rotate the graphic.
Without ungrouping objects, how do you select an object within a group?
use the Selection tool to select the group, and then click the Select Content Button in the Control panel to select one object in the group.You can also select an object in a group by clicking the object with the Direct Selection tool.
Which tool lets you thread text frames?
The Selection tool
How do you load the text icon?
Choose File> Place and select a text file, or click in an out port that contains overset text.
What happens when you click the loaded text icon between column guides?
InDesign creates a text frame where you click; the frame fits within the vertical column guides.
Which key do you press to automatically divide a text frame into multiple threaded frames?
Arrow keys
What is the name of the feature that automatically adds pages and threaded text frames to contain all the text in an imported text file?
Smart Text Reflow
What feature automatically adjusts the size of a text frame based on the length of the text?
the Auto-size feature, found in the Text Frame Options dialog box.
What do you need to do to ensure that the Next Page Number and PRevious Page Number characters work in a jump line?
The text frame containing the jump line must touch the threaded text frame containing the story.
Which tool lets you edit text?
The Type tool.
Where are most of the commands for editing text?
Th Edit menu and the Type menu.
What is the search-and-replace feature called?
Find/Change (Edit menu)
While checking the spelling in a document, Indesign flags words that are not in the dictionary-but they may not actually be misspelled. How can you fix this?
Add those words to the document's or InDesign's default spelling dictionary for the language or languages of your choice (Edit>Spelling> Dictionary)
If you seem to continually type a word incorrectly, what can you do?
Add the word to your Autocorrect preferences.
How do you view the baseline grid?
View>Grids & Guides>Show Baseline Grid.
When and where do you use a right-indent tab?
A right-indent tab is useful for placing end-of-story characters.
How do you hang punctuation outside the edges of a text frame?
Select the text frame and choose Type>Story. Select Optical Margin ALignment, which will apply to all the text in the story.
How do you balance columns?
Select the text frame with the Selection tool, then click the Balance Columns button in the Control panel or select the Balance Columns option in the Text Frame Options dialog box (OBject > Text Frame Options).
What is the difference between kerning and tracking?
Kerning adjusts the space between two characters; tracking adjusts the space between a range of selected characters.
What is the difference between the Adobe Paragraph Composer and the Adobe SIngle-line Composer?
The Paragraph Composer evaluates multiple lines at once when determining the best possible line breaks. The Single-line Composer looks at only one line at a time when determining line breaks.
What is the advantage of creating colors in the Swatches panel instead of the Color panel?
If you use the Swatches panel to apply a color to text and objects, and then decide you want to use a different color, you don't need to update each use for the color individually. Instead, change the color's definition in the Swatches panel, and the color changes automatically throughout the layout.
What are the pros and cons of using spot colors versus process colors?
By using a spot color, you can ensure color accuracy. However, each spot color requires its own plate on the press, so using spot colors can be more costly. Use process colors when a job requires so many colors that using individual spot inks would be expensive or impractical, such as when printing color photographs.
After you create a gradient and apply it to an object, how do you adjust the direction of the gradient blend?
To adjust the direction of the gradient blend, use the Gradient Swatch tool to repaint the fill along an imaginary line in the direction you want.
What are the three general steps involved in applying a swatch of color?
1) selecting the text or object, 2) selecting the stroke or fill box, depending on what you want to change, and 3) selecting the color.
How can using object styles speed up your workflow?
Object styles save time by letting you keep a group of formatting attributes together that you can quickly apply to graphics and frames.
What must you have created previously in order to create a nested style?
character style, and that you have built a paragraph style in which to nest it.
What are the two ways to globally update a style you've applied in an InDesign document?
1)edit the style itself and make changes to the formatting options. 2)use local formatting to change an instance, and then redefine the style based on that instance.
How would you import styles from another InDesign document?
choose the appropriate Load Style option from the panel menu, and locate the InDesign document from which you want to load them.
How can you determine the filename of an imported graphic in your document?
Select the graphic and the choose Window>Links to see if the graphic's filename is highlighted in the Links panel.
What are the four options int eh Type menu in the Clipping Path dialog box, and what must an imported graphic contain for each option to work?
-The Detect Edges option when a graphic contains a solid whit or solid black background.
-The Photoshop Path option when a Photoshop file contains one or more paths.
-The Alpha Channel option when a graphic contains one or more alpha channels.
-The User-Modified Path option, which is displayed if the selected clipping path has been modified.
What is the difference between updating a file's link and relinking the file?
Updating a file's link simply uses the Links panel to update the onscreen representation of a graphic so that it represenets the most recent version of the original. Relinking a selected graphic uses the Place command to insert another graphic in place of the selected graphic. If you want to change any of a placed graphic's import options, you must replace the graphic.
When an updated version of a graphic becomes available, how do you make sure that it's up to date in your InDesign document/
Check for an alert icon in the Links panel
What are the advantages of using tables rather than just typing text and using tabs to separate the columns?
Tables give you much more flexibility and are far easier to format.
When might you get an overset cell?
Overset cells occur when the contents don't fit inside the cell's current dimensions.
What tool is used most frequently when you work with tables?
The Type tool.
How do you change the color of the white areas of a grayscale image? How do you change the gray areas?
To change the white areas, select the graphics frame with the Selection tool and then select a color in the swatches panel. To change the gray areas, select the content within the frame by clicking within the content grabber and then select the color from the Swatches panel that you want to use
How can you change the transparency effects without changing the Opacity value of an object?
Besides selecting the object and changing the Opacity value in the Effects panel, you can also create transparency effects by changing the blending mode; feathering an object several ways; adding drop shadows or bevel and emboss effects; and more. Blending modes determine how the base color and the blend color combine to produce a resulting color.
What is the importance of the stacking order of layers and of objects within layers when you work with transparency?
The transparency of an object affects the view of objects below (behind) it in the stacking order.
If you've applied transparency effects to an object, what is the easiest way to apply the same effects to a different object?
Select the object to which you've applied transparency effects, and then drag the FX icon displayed on the right side of the effects panel to another object.
What problems does InDesign look for when using the [Basic] (Working) profile in the Preflight panel?
You can confirm that all items necessary for high-resolution printing are available by choosing Window>Output>Preflight.
What elements does InDesign gather when it packages a file?
InDesign gathers a copy of the InDesign document along with copies of all the fonts and graphics used in the original document. The original files remain untouched.
If you want to print the highest-quality version of a scanned image on a lower-resolution laser printer or proofer, what option can you select?
By default, InDesign sends only the image data necessary to an output device.
What panel lets you convert an object into a PDF form field and specify settings for form fields?
The Buttons And Forms panel .
What action can you assign to a button that enables a viewer of the exported PDF form to send a copy of the filled-out form to an e-mail address?
use the Buttons And Forms panel to assign the Submit Form action to the button. After you assign the Submit Form action, enter mailto: followed by an e-mail address in the URL field.
What programs can be used to open and fill out an Adobe PDF form?
Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader.
When you create a document that you intend to export as an EPUB, how do you ensure that a graphic maintains its position relative to surrounding text?
anchor it within the text as an inline graphic.
what is metadata, and what kind of metadata can be included in an EPUB?
Metadata is information about a file, such as its title, its author, a description, and keywords. An EPUB can include metadata for the document title and the author name.
What panel lets you specify the content to be included in an EPUB and arrange the order in which the elements are exported?
The Articles panel
When you export an EPUB, what option must you choose if you want the content order to be determined by the Articles panel rather than by the page layout?
Same As Articles Panel from the Content Order menu in the General section of the EPUB Export Options dialog box.
You've specified custom export settings for several graphics frames. How can you override the export settings for these objects during EPUB export?
Select Ignore Object Export Settings in the Image section of the EPUB Export Options dialog box
What are the advantages of using the book feature?
The book feature allows you to combine multiple documents into a single publication with the appropriate page numbering and a complete table of contents and index. You can also output multiple files in one step.
Describe the process and results of moving a chapter file in a book.
To move a file in a book, select it in the Book panel and drag it up or down.
Why go to the trouble of creating an automatic table of contents or index?
The automatic table of contents and index features require some thought and setup but they are automatically formatted, accurate, and easy to update.
How do you create running headers and footers?
Use the Running Header text variable on a master page