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Gram negative cocci (diplococcus)

Nisseria and Moraxilla

N. Meningitidis

MALTOSE FERMENTING, Gram neg cocci With CAPSULE (Thyer martin VCN agar)

N. Gonorrhoeae

MALTOSE NONFERMENTING, Gram neg cocci With PILI (Thyer martin VCN agar)


Oxidase positive Gram neg cocci (Pna in COPD)


Resp. Pathogens! HPBB (H. flu, Pasturella, Brucella, Bordetella)

H. influenza

Gram neg coccobacillus requires Factors V and X


Gram neg coccobacillus in animal bites


gram neg coccobacillus in brucellosis

Bordetella pertussis

Gram neg coccobacillus in pertussis (BORDET-GENGOU POTATO AGAR)

Gram negative Rods

Fast or slow Lactose Fermenting verse oxidase pos or neg NON-Lactose fermenting GNR

Fast Lactose fermenting GNR

Klebsiella, E. coli, enterobacter


oxidase positive Fast Lactose fermenting GNR (NON-MOTILE, WITH CAPSULE)

E. Coli

Facultative CO2 producing Fast Lactose fermenting GNR


Slow Lactose fermenting GNR (RED PIGMENT!)


Oxidase positive Non-Lactase fermenting GNR (polar flagella, beta hemolytic, exotoxin decreases EF2)

Oxidase negative non-lactose fermenting GNR

Shigella, Salmonella, Proteus


NON-MOTILE Oxidase negative non lactose fermenting GNR


H2S PRODUCING Oxidase negative non lactose fermenting GNR


SWARMING Oxidase negative non lactose fermenting GNR (urease increases urine pH)

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