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Why is the bladder not completely enclosed by peritoneum?
peritoneum prevents expansion
What part of the bladder is covered by peritoneum?
superior portion
Into what structure does the ureter enter the bladder?
trigone (non-contracting portion)
What area/structure is closest to the posterior fornix?
rectouterine pouch
Which fornix is in close contact with the peritoneal cavity?
posterior fornix
What are 2 terms used to describe a "normal" uterus?

What 2 axes form the angle of anteflexion?
axis of uterine body

axis of cervix
What 2 axes form the angle of anteversion?
axis of cervix

axis of vagina
What are 2 terms that describe a uterus that is not on top of the bladder?

What ligament attaches the pubis to the cervix?
pubocervical ligaments
What ligament attaches the uterus to the sacrum?
uterosacral ligaments
What is another name of the left and right transverse cervical ligaments?
cardinal ligaments
What is the most stable part of the uterus?
Is the vagina in or out of the pelvis?
1/2 in the pelvis

1/2 out of the pelvis
What is the widest part of the vas deferens?
In the male, what structure lies between the urinary bladder and the rectum?
seminal vesicles
What 2 structures form the ejaculatory duct?
seminal vesicle

vas deferens
Into which part of the urethra does the ejaculatory duct empty into?
prostatic part of the urethra
In a male, what 2 structures make up the "bridge over water?"
vas deferens

In what structure does the sperm mature?
Where is the median lobe of the prostate located in relation to the ejaculatory ducts?
between the 2 ejaculatory ducts
Which lobe of the prostate is often associated with cancer?
posterior prostatic lobe
Which lobe of the prostate is most easily palpated?
posterior prostatic lobe
Is the posterior fornix of the vagina in direct contact with peritoneum?
Which lobes of the prostate lie lateral to each ejaculatory duct?
lateral lobes of the prostate
Name 5 ligaments that must be severed in order to remove the uterus but leave the ovaries
transverse cervical