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Marco Polo

first European to establish a trade route to Asia

Christopher Columbus

settler out to get goods. Got lost found North America (New World)

Amerigo Vespucci

Who America is named after

Columbian Exchange

The trade between Columbus and the natives.


areas that are settled by immigrants


the first English attempt to settlement.


The second English settlement

Virginia Company

ruled by the king. sent colonies out in search of land.

Magna Carta

Made the king obey the law

House of Burgesses

the first of self government in English colonies

John Rolfe

A farmer who found the crop tobacco and became rich off of it.


group of Christians that didnt agree with the king to worship God in their own way.


meant to increase nations wealth

Balance of Trade

concerns how much stuff you sent out of your country.

Navigation Acts

Force people to sell anything of value.

Triangle Trade

trade between America, Europe, and Africa

Middle Passage

slaves were token from their home land to America were many were killed.


people were already settled had slaves and crops.

Indentured Servants

White Slaves

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