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25 - Review


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Do they know what time it is?
Yes, they know what time it is
Do they know where he is?
No, they don't know where he is
Does she know who did it?
Yes, she knows who did it
She doesn't know what's going to happen?
No, she doesn't know what's going to happen
Does he know where they're going to go?
Yes, he knows where they're going to go
Does he know where they'll be?
Yes, he know where they'll be
Does she know where to go?
No, she doesn't know where to go
When was it late?
It was late on the 31st
When was she there?
She was there on the 11th
When did they think about it?
They thought about it in February
Who was late last week?
Sally was French last week
Why did she feel bad?
Sally felt bad in 2002 because of the crisis
When was Tom on time?
Tom was on time yesterday
Who is she newer than?
She's newer than us
Who are the worst in the country?
They're the worst in the county
Who is the smallest in the team?
Bob is the smallest in the team
What are slower than a car?
A horse is slower than a car
What is smaller than Bob?
That's smaller than Bob
What's worse than them?
It's worse than them
How many were there?
There were 3
How many are there?
There're 4
How many will there be?
There'll be 1
How much trouble is there going to be?
There's going to be a lot of trouble
How many are there going to be?
There're going to be 7
How much confusion was there?
There was very little confusion