B101 Owner-Architects Agreements: B101 - 2007; Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect

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3.2.1. arch shall review program, and other info from owner, review laws, codes and regulation applicable to arch services
3.2.2. the arch shall prepare a prelim. evaluation of the owner's program, schedule, budget for the Cost of the Work, project site and proposed procurement or delivery method and other Initial information, to ascertain the req'ments for the project. (arch shall notify the owner of 1. any inconsistencies in the info, and 2. other info or consulting services that many be needed.)
3.2.3.the architect shall resent the preliminary evaluation to the owner and discuss alter approaches to design and construction of the project. the arch shall reach an understanding with the owner regarding the requirements.
3.2.4. based on the agreed upon requirement the arch shall present, for the owner's approval, a preliminary design illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components.
3.2.5. based on the approval of the prelim design, the arch shall prepare schematic design documents for the Owner's approval.this shall include drawings, site plan, and of appropriate prelim plans, sections, and elevations (may include some combination of study models, perspective sketches, or digital modeling). prelim. building systems, and const. materials shall be noted on the dwgs or described in writing. arch shall consider environmentally responsible design alternatives (materiel, orientation etc) arch shall consider the value of alternative materials, systems, and equip't.
3.2.6. arch shall submit to owner an estimate of the Cost of the Work
3.2.7. arch shall submit schematic Design Docs to the owner and request the owner's approval.
1. owner shall provide information in timely manner, regarding req's for and limitations on the project, including a written program (answer on another card). 15 after written request from arch, the owner shall give the requested information.
2. owner shall establish and periodically update the owner's budget; (includes 1. Cost of the Work. owner's other cost, and 3. reasonable contingencies related to all of these costs). if owner significantly increase or decreases the owner must notify the arch.
3.the owner shall identify a rep authorized to act on the Owner's behalf. the owner shall render decision and approve the arch submittal in timely manner,
4. the owner shall furnish surveys to describe physical characteristics, legal limitations and utility locations for the site of the project, and a written legal description of the site.
5. the owner shall furnish services of geotechnical engineers
6. the owner shall coordinate the services of its own consultants w/ those services provided by the arch. upon arch request, the owner shall give copies of the scope of services in the contracts b/t the owner and the owner's consultants
7. the owner shall furnish tests, inspections and reports required by law or the contract doc. such as structural, mech., and chem. tests, tests for air and water pollution, and tests for hazardous materials
8. the owner shall furnish all legal, insurance and accounting services, including auditing services, that may be necessary at any time for the Project
9. The owner shall provide prompt written notice to the arch if the owner becomes aware of any faults or defect in the Project, including error, omissions, or inconsistencies in the arch's Instruments of services
10. owner should only communicate with the arch's consultants thru the arch. the owner shall notify the arch if any direct communications were made
11. before executing the contract for construction,. the owner shall coordinate the arch's duties and responsibilities set forth in the contract for construction w/ the arch's services set forth in B101 agreement. the owner must give a copy of the agreement b/t the owner and contractor, and general conditions of the contract for construction
12. the owner shall provide the arch access to the project site prior to commencement of the Work, and obligate the contractor to provide the arch access to the work.