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Castle Vocabulary

List of vocabulary words that have to do with medieval castles.

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A smaller tower in/on top of a tower. It is for looking out.
A bridge that you can move up and down. When it moves up it leaves a large gap.
A fortified strong-point, built into the wall but is taller than the wall. It can be shut off and urned into a smaller individual castle.
Great Hall
Huge rooms where everyone who lived/worked in the castle ate breakfast and supper.
Wattle and Daub
Wattle is intertwined sticks and Daub it a water, straw, dirt, and manure mixture. People made the wattle, put the Daub over it, and then plaster it to make houses and other building.
Where the lord lives. The strongest part of the castle.
A large hole/ditch around the castle. It can be filed with human waste, dead bodies, etc.
A building built to defend the gates because gates are the castle's weakest point. The are holes above the gate from which people in the gate house can throw rocks, boiling water, arrows, etc.
Temporary wooden structures built over the walls to protect the castle from arrows.
An attack on a castle. Usually an army surrounds the castle, tries to get in or cut off its food supply, and tries to take control of the castle.
A stone lined hole in the ground that only the rich could afford. The Garderobe (toilet on the side of a castle wall) led into this hole.
A Gate like barrier that closes up and down into the wall. It has holes in it so you can shoot arrows through it. There is always a door behind it.
Inner Bailey (Ward)
A practice space inside castle walls where swordsmanship can be practiced.
Arrow Loops
holes in a wall that archers could shoot arrows through. These protect the archers and the enemy cannot seen where the arrows are coming from.
A toilet on the side of the castle wall. The waste either ends up in a moat, a cesspit, or pile up at the bottom.
In England it means: the prison cells at the bottom of the castle. In France it means: the keep.
Tooth design on top of castle walls. Archers can shoot arrows from behind them.
Curtain Wall
A wall in between two towers.
Murder Holes
Holes in the ceiling from where rocks, boiling water, arrows, etc. can be dropped on invaders.
Outer Bailey (Ward)
A practice space that is in between the Inner Bailey walls and the outer walls. It is longer and more narrow than the Inner Bailey and is used to practice archery.
A place, on a wall or tower, where one battles
A large country estate of a nobleman.
Motte and Bailey
An early form of castle building. A Motte is: a natural or manmade hill where the lord lives. A Bailey is: a wooden fence enclosed area, below the Motte. Villagers, peasants, soldiers, and servants lived their.
feudal system
A political and social system based on the granting of land in exchange for loyalty, military assistance, and other services.