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The federal government financially supports the minimum assistance level of the medically needy aged, and the states must wholly support any part of the program that goes beyond the federal minimum.


The federal government designs the Medicaid program for each state on the basis of the of the state.


Emergency care pregnancy services are exempt by law from copayment requirements.


In some cases the welfare office may grant retroactive eligibility to a patient.


If a service is totally disallowed by Medicaid, a Physician is within legal rights to bill the patient.


Medicaid patients in managed care plans must go to a hospitals participating in their assigned plan.


Prior approval or authorization is never required in the Medicaid program.


It is not possible for an immigrant to have Medicaid coverage.


All dependents 10 years of age in order are required to have military identification card for TRICARE


A certified nurse midwife is an authorized provider of health care for TRICARE beneficiaries.


Enrollment in TRICARE prime is voluntary.


TRICARE is subject to state revelatory agencies that control insurance policies


TRICARE/CHAMPVA is usually the second payer when a beneficiary is enrolled in other health insurance plans.


It is possible for a Medicaid patient to be on Medicaid 1 month and off Medicaid the following month.

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