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Nursing Assistant Skills Evaluation Washington State **Required Step**

Supplies Required

1. bath basin with warm water
2. gloves
3. soap
4. 4 wash clothes
5. 2 hand towels
6. 1 bath towel

Step 1

Explains procedure, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible

Step 2

Privacy is provided with a curtain, screen, or door

Step 3

Before washing, checks water temperature for safety and comfort and asks client to verify comfort of water

Step 4

Puts on clean gloves before washing perineal area

Step 5

Places pad/ linen protector under perineal area before washing

Step 6

Exposes perineal area while avoiding overexposure of client

Step 7

Applies soap to wet washcloth

Step 8

*Washes genital area, moving from front to back, while using a clean area of the washcloth for each stroke*

Step 9

*Using clean washcloth, rinses soap from genital area, moving from front to back, while using a clean area of the washcloth for each stroke*

Step 10

Dries genital area moving from front to back with towel

Step 11

*After washing genital area, turns to side, then washes and rinses rectal area moving from front to back using a clean area of washcloth for each stroke. Dries with towel.*

Step 12

Repositions client

Step 13

Empties, rinses, and dries basin

Step 14

After rinsing and drying basin, places basin in designated dirty supply area

Step 15

Disposes of used linen into soiled linen container and disposes of linen protector appropriately

Step 16

Avoids contact between candidate clothing and used linen

Step 17

After disposing of used linen, and placing used equipment in designated dirty supply area, removes and disposes of gloves(without contaminating self) into waste container and washes hands

Step 18

Signaling device is within reach and bed is in low position

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