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Much ado about nothing

test monday
At war
Where have Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick been?
See if he has done well in the war
About whome does Beatrice ask and why?
Don John, he has forgiven him
Who was defeated in the war? How does Don pPedro treat the loser and why?
Mean, They are interested with each other
How do beatrice and benedick treat each other? What conclusions can you draww about their relationship?
Beatrice cause, claudio lobes her, He felt Mad
In whome is Claudio interested and why? How does Benedick feel about her?
To see benedick sick with love
What does Don pedro plan on happening before he dies?
Hero's Money
When claudio talks to Don Pedro about Hero, he shows his is interested in Hero for more than her looks and personality. What else motivates him?
At the end of the day hero will be claudio's
What offer does don pedro make to claudio
About the offer don pedro made with claudio
Deavesdropping or noting scenes are crucial to the plot. What does Antonio learn from his eavesdropping sevant?
Plans his revenge on claudio and pedro
In the Renaissance, illegitimate sons were stereotyped as wicked and conniving. Don John, the comedy's villian, is no exception. How is he villanious?
That Claudio Wants Hero
What information obtained by eavesdropping does borachio bring Don John?
He'll do what ever it takes to make their lives misrable
What resolution does Don John make?
She gets heartburn cause she looks at him so sour
What happens to beatrice whenever she sees Don John and why?
a man half way between don john and benedick
What kind of man does beatrice consider ideal?
Don't like what you pick, then get another
What advice does beatrice offer hero?
agree that doen pedro asks
What does leonato instruct hero to do?
Pedro, Hero, margeret, bathasar, ursula, antonio beatrice and benedick
Who pairs off at the party?
To tell benedick mean things and insults him
At the party, beatrice recognizes Benedick in spite of his mask. How does she use this knowledge to her adventage and why?
That pedro is in love with hero and to change his mind about hero
What lie does Don John tell Claudio?
he loss hero to prince
In turn, what lie does Claudio tell?
Sad and Depressed, A quitter
How does claudio react to don john's lie? What does this show us about claudio?
To wear a garland of leaves to get hero back
what does benedick suggest claudio do?
He can't stand her tounge
How does benedick react to beatrice's insults?
Give him the truth
When beatrice takes claudio to Don Pedro and tells Don Pedro that he is jealous, what does the ruler do?
Will you marry me, no
What does Don Pedro ask Beatrice and what is her answer?
To get benedick and beatrice together, Hero
What plan does don pedro concoct and whose help does he enlist?
John wants to stop the marrage of claudio and hero, Pedro wants her and claudio together
How are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John complete opposites?
A women that won't let him act like such a fool
What kind of woman appeals to benedick.
Benedick, Claudio
Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato arrange for Benedick t oeavesdrop on them as a singer performs. The son's lyrics suggest that men routinely practice decepion. Who has done this so far?
The conversation with don pedro and claudio
What does benedick overhear?
He seem love stretch the limits
Why does benedick believe them?
The he loves benedick
What resolve does benedick make based on his eavesdropping?
To call benedick for dinner
On what errand does Don Pedro send Beatrice?
He tanked her for taking the pairs to tell him that dinner is ready
How does benedick react to beatrice's news that dinner is ready?
to eavesdrop on beatrice discussion beatrice and go to the garden
On what errand does hero send margaret
That people critizize her for being proud and scornful and benedick is in love wit hher
What does Beatrice overhear?
for the jelousy, whats going to happen
What is ironic about hero saying she will slander beatrice to benedick, so he won't lover her anymore?
that she will be kind for now on she'll love benidick
what does beatrice resolve?
he has a toothache
what physical ailment troubles benedick?
his beards been shaved off and he brushes his hat bececause, he is in love with beatrice
How had benedick changed his appearance and why?
That he is in love
what conclusion do don pedro and claudio draw from benedick's new appearance?
Show that hero is cheating
How does Don John try to gain the trust of don pedro and claudio?
That hero is unfathful,
What does Don John tell don pedro and claudio?
To sop all the plans, ther going to see for the answers
What decision do claudio and don pedro make and why?
To assign jobs to the watchmen
What jobs are held by dogberry and verges?
What stereotype are Dogberry and Verges?
To watchover
What is the watch's job that night?
What is borachio's main vice?
That it was margaret, they arrest him
What does borachio tell conrade? What happens when he finishes his story?
clothing, beatrice's behavior, sex
As the women prepare for the wedding, what do they discuss?
love sick
What is wrong with Beatrice, and what does Margaret say is wrong wit hthe diagnosis?
Cardoubeneticus, benedick
What does Margaret claim will cure Beatrice? WHat pun is made and to what effect?
they found the criminals
Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato?
come back later, his decision to prove hero inosence
How does the decision affect the action?
shames hero
what does Claudio do at his wedding?
Claudio had sex with hero before the wedding
At first, what does Leonato assume has hapened when claudio asserts that hero is not a virgin?
Don John, Leonato
who sides with Claudio?
it wasen't her
How does Hero try to defend herself?
she faints
what happens to Hero next?
Who consistently believes in hero's innocence?
Who does leonato believe?
friar francis
Who is willling to give Hero the benefit of the doubt?
don pedro he's responsible
Who sees Don John as the probable cause of this problem? What does it show about him?
faked hero's death
What plan does Friar Francis Concot?
there being nice to each other
How are beatrice and benedick different in this scene
kill claudio, he laugh
When benedick tells beatrice that he will do anything for her, wwhat request does she make and how does he react?
berachio frame hero
what does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio?
he left
What has Don John done?
he called him an ass
How does Conrade upset Dogberry?
he is an officer of the law
How does Dogberry defend himself?
calm down
What advice does antonio give to leonato?
he was mad
how odes leonato react to this advice?
don't take all the path yourself
When leonato won't calm down, Antonio gives new advice. What is it?
To fight him, no he is not old
What does Leonato want Claudio to do? Does he?
to fight claudio
what does antonio offer to do?
he get out of the situation
how does don pedro react to the challenge?
to tell a joke
How does Don Pedro React to the challenge?
his sword is in the savered
what metaphor does benedick use for his cleverness?
don pedro
Who realizes that Benedick is in a serious mood?
to challenge him
What does Benedick want from claudio?
By talking about beatrice
How does Don Pedro attempt to distract benedick?
by leaving the court, he quit
How does benedick plan to alter his relationship with Don Pedro?
don john run away with meesina
what news from Benedick surprises Don Pedro?
of what does dogbery accuse borachio and conrade?
they were telling the truth
What is ironic about Dogberry's response to borachio and Conrade?
he feels poisened and remorsed
How does Claudio feel when he hears Borachio's confession?
he'll take any punishment
What offer does Claudio make to Leonato?
tell the townspeople
What penance does Leonato give Don Pedro and Claudio?
he confesses
how does borachio demostrate that he is not all bad?
for calling him an ass
What further accusation does Dogbery make against Borachio and Conrade?
for helping him with his poem
Why deos Benedick thank Margaret?
to praise her beauty
What does Margaret want in return for this favor?
He is in love
What is ironic about benedick singing a song aobut cupid?
he can't woo a lady with pretty words
What problem does benedick have wit hwriting poetry?
a kiss, she says his wit is forceful
What does Benedick want from beatrice? Why won't she comply?
because she loves him with all her heart
Why does Beatrice say she is in love with Benedick?
he lovers her with all his heart
Why does Beatrice say she is in love with Benedick?
they are in love
to what conclusion do they come?
Who brings the couple news of Hero's exoneration?
to look nice
Why must Don Pedro and Claudio change clothes in Act 5, scene 3
Who is Leonato's niece?
to tie him up
What favor does benedick want from friar francis?
push them together
How does leonato hint at his part in the romance of Beatrice and benedick?
In act 5, scene 4, Hero removes her physical mask and reveals that she is still alive. What emotional masks are removed in this scene?
don't listien to others
What advise does Benedick give to Don Pedro?
To think of a punishment for don john
What job will benedick perform for Don Pedro?