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Grade 4 Eastern Woodland Indians Study Guide


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Proper name for Virginia's Indians
Eastern Woodland Indians
The Cherokee language group name
The Powhatans language group name
Location where Algonquian was spoken
Coastal Plain Region
Location where Siouan was spoken
Piedmont Region
Location where Iroquoian spoken
Southwestern Virginia Region, and southern Virginia near North Carolina.
Three Indian Language Groups in VA
Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian
How did Native Americans get the name Indians?
Christopher Columbus thought he had landed in India.
Monacan Indians language group name
Siouan Language Group
List three ways all Eastern Woodland Indians were alike
They all grew crops, traded, and hunted.
Summer Virginia Indian activity
Grow crops; keep pests away
Spring Virginia Indian activity
Pick berries, fish, plant crops, hunted
Winter Virginian Indian activity
Made pots, wove baskets, tan deer hides, hunted birds and animals
Fall Virginian Indian Activity
Harvested crops, ground corn, dried fruits and meats.
Virginia's Climate
Mild with distinct seasons
"Adapt" means
To change or adjust.
"Natural Resources" are
things found in nature that people can use
"Artifacts" are
Historical objects such as arrowheads, tools, and pottery, made or used by humans.
Virginia's Indians are sometimes called "Eastern Woodland Indians" because
the forest, with its many different kinds of trees, was at the heart of Indian life; used to build homes, boats and weapons.
Early Virginian Indians were alike in crops in that
they all depended on a trio plants called "the three sisters:" corn, beans and squash.
Algonquian home style
woven mats laid over frames of bent branches
Monacan home style
covered with shingles of bark or bundles of reeds tied together
Cherokee home style
logs, or wattle and daub (a frame of woven branches filled in with mud that dried rock-hard in the sun.)
"Trade" means
the exchange of one good or service for another
"Agriculture" means
cultivation of soil to produce crops
"Ancestor" means
A person from whom one is descended.
Clothing made from
animal skins, such as deerskin
Archaeologists study
artifacts (material evidence) left from the people of the past, in order to learn about them.
Werowocomoco was a
large Indian town used by Indian leaders for several hundred years before the English settlers came.
Werowocomoco was the headquarters of
the leader, Powhatan, in 1607.
Today, Virginian American Indians live in
all parts of Virginia.
Current State-recognized tribes in Piedmont Region:
Monacan Tribe
Current State-recognized tribes in Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Region:
Chickahominy, Eastern Chickahominy, Mattaponi, Nansemond, Pamunkey, Rappahannock, Upper Mattaponi Tribes