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Georgia Geography


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Where is Georgia located in relation to the rest of the world?
North West
What are Georgia's five geographical regions?
The Appalachian Plateau region, the Ridge and Valley region, the Blue Ridge region, the Piedmont region, and the Coastal Plain region.
What role does Georgia's climate play in the
development of the state?
Industries favor Georgia's climate because it means that they are spending less money on heating and cooling their places of employment, and they also do not have to worry about their employees missing much work due to inclement weather. Individuals are choosing to move to Georgia due to the low cost of living, abundance of jobs and a dependable and mild climate.
How do the four transportation systems provide
domestic and international goods to people?
The state's highways allow employed commuters to get to their jobs and has transformed Atlanta into the " transportation hub of the southeast". The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, named the biggest passenger airport in the world, allows people and cargo to travel to countless places within the country and overseas. Perhaps the most important mode of transportation in Georgia, railroads are responsible for transporting cars, storage containers, and manufacturing supplies. Lastly, Georgia's ports are responsible for supplying 70% of the country's population with tools and materials.
Goods and Services sold to other countries
Georgia has 2 major port cities. There are called what?
Savannah and Brunswick
Fall Line
The natural border between the Coastal Plain and Piedmont regions, where waterfalls prevent further travel on the river.
Chattahoochee River
Part of the natural border between Georgia and Alabama, water supply to major Georgia cities like Atlanta and Columbus
Savannah River
Georgia river that was the site of the first European settlement in Georgia and is the border between Georgia and South Carolina
Appalachian Mtns.
Runs through the northern three regions of Georgia
Okefenokee Swamp
Is home to the largest variety of Georgia's flora and fauna; exists between Georgia and Florida
Barrier Islands
help protect Georgia's mainland from being eroded by ocean waves
Smallest region in Georgia and located in the northwestern corner
Appalachian Plateau
Georgia's only source of fossil fuel is in which region?
Appalachian Plateau
Contains ridges with valleys between
Ridge and Valley
Contains most of the states textile industry
Ridge and Valley
Edison with Georgia's highest peak, Brasstown Bald
Blue ridge mountains
Home of Georgia's first gold rush
Blue ridge mountains
Highest amount of annual rainfall
Blue ridge mountains
Most populated region
The industrial/business region of Georgia
Contains Atlanta, the states most populated city and capitol of Georgia
Contains soil made up of red clay; means "foot of the mountain quote
Contains most of Georgia's peanut, vegetable, and cotton farms
Coastal Plains
The largest region by land mass
Coastal Plains
Mining is the main industry in this region
Ridge and Valley