Chapter-12,13,14 Art Appreciation


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a hand generated skill that creates something useful which also has aedthetic value
What and what was the Arts and Crafts Movement?
19th century, England. Rebelled agaimst the effects of the industrial Revolution and the mechanization of production.
Who was William Morris?
He was a English artist and social reformer.
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have nothing in your house that you do not know ro be useful, or believed to be beautiful.
used to make ceramics fired in kiln, mineral composed of alumnia and silica mixed with water.
a specual oven made to bake a certain object
what are the three main types of clay?
earthenware, stoneware, porcelain
what is a potters wheel?
a round flat base that spins
what does terra cotta mean?
cooked earth
what are examples of ceramics?
1.ming bowl
2.three views of a potter throwing pot
3.The judgemnet of paris
4. Mary Poetic bowl
Wood and bamboo
organic lving material
what are the advantages amd disadvantages of wood?
its rarely available, can be easily cut and shaped, comes in different colors
what is intarsia?
inlay wood
what are examples of wood and bamboo craft?
1.Totem Pole
2. Parrot in a cage
3.The osebera ship
4. teak ice bucket for dansk besiar
what are the advantages and disadvantages of metal?
a hard sturdy material that last a long time, it can rust and become moded
what is casting?
melted down into a liquid and poured on a moled.
types of metals
1. gold
2. bronze
3. iron
very soft abd rare
very strong and durable
very stronf and durable; wrought iron
cloth. maybe organic or synthetic
types of fiber crafts are
1. weaving
2. sewing
4. handmade
5. paper
what are the fiber crafts disadvantages?
rot and deteriate over time
verticle threads in a weaven loom
horizontal threads in a weavens loom
where rock has melted down in the earth from high heat
two handled storage jar
sturdy wooden warships
what is metal used for?
metal is used for caontainers, tools, furniture, armor, weapons, gates, cars, trains, bridges, horse shoes
heating sand (silica) until it melts into a liquid. Shaped by blowing or pouring into a mold.
what does light have to do with glass as a craft?
absorbing, reflection, transmitting light.
when was glass invented?
first century a.d
a three dimensional image, having height, width, and depth.
what are two main categories of sculpture?
relief sculpture and sculpture in the round
the artist who creates a sculpture
what is a relief sculpture?
is not completely cut away from its original material. one side is retained resembling the background plane os a picture.
what are the three subcatefories of relief sculpture?
1. high relief
2. low relief
3.sunken relief
high relief
highly raised from the background
low relief
only slightly raised from the background
sunken relief
the image is cut into the
what is free standing in the round scuplture?
surface does not attach into a backgrounf, made to be seen from all size
forming a pliable material with your hands
what does additive mean?
the artist can add to the material as long as it remains soft.
what did Leonardo da vinci sy about the relationship between painting and scuplture?
modeling is the sister of painting. being an art of less crashing and labor than the working of stone.
pouring a molten metal into a mold
why are some bronze sculptures lighter than a marble sculpture of the same size?
because they are hollow in the middle.
a subtractive process takinh away from the original material.
what does abrading mean?
filing down
mixed media
an artwork made more than one type of material and may be made by more than one process.
ready mades
taking familiar objects from the everyday world and transferring them into the world of art.
who invented ready mades sculpture?
marcel duchamp
is additive like collage and similar to ready mades. Artists construct works by assembling objects and attaching them in some way.
new media
material inspired by industry, by the digital age, and by nature.
what does site specific mean?
the artwork was designed for one location
what is an installation sculpture?
one that is put together in finished in the place where it will be displayed
the art of building
person trained to design buildings in bridges
the first monumental stone architecture made to last came from what period in history?
new stone age
the first cultures to build great cities were?
amciemt egypt, ancient peru, ancient greece, ancient rome
the two main categories of architectural systems are?
shell and skeleton
what is the shell system?
exterior walls of the building holds it up
what is the skeletal system?
the main support is part on the interior of the building; material can be made with anything.
load bearing architecture
typically has thick walls and small openings
post and lintel
vertical post seperated by a space and supports a horizontal beam or lintel.