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  1. Where are neurotransmitter contained?
  2. What is neuroaxonal?
  3. What has sheet like processes that extend out among neurons?
  4. What is glioblastoma?
  5. How does CNS transmission of information occur?
  1. a astroglia
  2. b in synaptic vessicles of the bouton
  3. c most frequent type of tumor in adults
  4. d neurotransmitter
  5. e neuron to axon of a second neuron

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  1. neurons and neuroglia
  2. Glial cells far outnumber neurons by 5-50 times.
  3. internode
  4. central process
  5. relative refractory period

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  1. What are two stimuli that can elicit an action potential?temporal summation
    spatial summation


  2. What is an example of a bipolar neuron?multipolar


  3. The thicker the fiber, the longer the _____internodes


  4. What forms myelin in the PNS?distance from one node of ranvier to the next along the course of the axon fiber


  5. What is are three types of glia tumors?glioma, glioblastoma, astrocytoma