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  1. What has an all-or-none phenomenon?
  2. What is nerve to muscle fiber synapse?
  3. What is another name for the synaptic knob?
  4. What follows the absolute refractory period?
  5. ________ are chemical agents released at the presynaptic terminal.
  1. a neuromuscular
  2. b Neurotransmitters
  3. c Action Potential
  4. d bouton
  5. e relative refractory period

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  1. rods and cones of eye, visual receptor cells
  2. site of contact with one neuron with another
  3. in normal death or in cell death due to injury
  4. Together with the cell body, dendrites constitute the receptive segment of the neuron.
  5. unipolar or pseudopolar

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  1. When a cell fires, what happens?unipolar


  2. What type of neural summation requires many stimuli to converge on postsynaptic membrane simultaneously to initiate new AP?spatial summation


  3. What are the steps in the process of synapse and neurotransmitter release?physical stimulus - sensory nerve ending such as pressure on skin
    chemical stimulus - neurotransmitter


  4. What are neurons?neuron to axon of a second neuron


  5. What is another name for pre-synaptic terminal?neurotransmitters