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  1. What is neurosomatic?
  2. What is the range of conduction speed for myelinated neurons?
  3. What occupies spaces between neural processes in the gray matter?
  4. What neuron is T-shaped?
  5. How many neurons are in the human brain?
  1. a 100 billion
  2. b astroglia
  3. c neuron to cell body (soma) or dendrite of a neuron
  4. d 2 - 100 meters/sec.
  5. e unipolar

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  1. 1. AP arrives at the terminal bouton
    2. this causes depolarization of presynaptic membrane
    3. Influx of calcium (CA++) from synaptic cleft
    activates neurotransmitter release from the synaptic vessicles
  2. at a synapse
  3. space between the
    bouton of one neuron and the cell body, dendrite or axon or another neuron
    or the space between the bouton and the cell membrane of a muscle fiber neuron to muscle synapse
  4. neuromuscular (myoneural) junction
  5. depolarization (where the normal negatively polarized state no longer exists)

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  1. Axon length can vary from ___ ____ (in the brain) to as long as __ ______ (in the spinal cord)Glial cells far outnumber neurons by 5-50 times.


  2. What is called initial segment where action potential is initiated?-70mV


  3. The thicker the fiber, the longer the _____internodes


  4. What unit is specialized as a receptor and integrator of info received from other neurons?dendrite-cell body


  5. What are the largest and most numerous of the glial cells?astroglia