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  1. What is glioblastoma?
  2. The more precise (fine) a movement, the ____ the ratio
  3. What is graded depolarization?
  4. Each main axon or its collaterals, terminates by branching into several terminal filaments called _______
  5. How many micrometers is an unmylinated neuron?
  1. a generator potential
  2. b teledendria
  3. c The more precise a movement, the smaller the ratio.
    i.e. tongue muscle 1:5
  4. d less than 2 micrometers
  5. e most frequent type of tumor in adults

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  1. neurons and neuroglia
  2. unipolar neurons
  3. chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons and between neurons and muscle
  4. multipolar neurons
  5. 8 milliseconds

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  1. What are the cells that remove cell debris generated in normal cell death and in degenerating brain tissue/cell death due to brain injury?microglia


  2. Generator potential relies on _________ of arriving stimuli, which is a local graded response.intensity


  3. How is the membrane potential created?by differences in ion concentrations across the cell membrane (between the intra vs. extracellular fluid)
    cell metabolic activity (diffusion of potassium)
    selective transport (gated channels in the cell membrane)


  4. What is the synapse?excitation of receptor membrane


  5. What is another name for pre-synaptic terminal?terminal bouton