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  1. What is there a high concentration of INSIDE the cell?
  2. When is the cell membrane polarized?
  3. What are the neoplasms?
  4. What forms myelin in the CNS?
  5. What neuron is T-shaped?
  1. a unipolar
  2. b at -70mV, in its resting state
  3. c Oligodendroglia
  4. d Tumors
  5. e potassium ions (K+) and anions

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  1. 2 - 100 meters/sec.
  2. Neurotransmitters
  3. glioma, glioblastoma, astrocytoma
  4. by response frequency
  5. Multipolar

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  1. What constitutes the transmissive segment of the neuron?soma


  2. What are neuroglia cells?chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons and between neurons and muscle


  3. When a signal is transmitted over a nerve fiber, the membrane potential goes through a series of changes called the ____ ________Action potential


  4. What is the effector segment?site of contact with one neuron with another


  5. What is known as the receiving tree?dendrites


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