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  1. How do action potentials code info?
  2. What is the synaptic cleft?
  3. What happens when the action potential permeates?
  4. What are the cells that remove cell debris generated in normal cell death and in degenerating brain tissue/cell death due to brain injury?
  5. What are the steps in the process of synapse and neurotransmitter release?
  1. a space between the
    bouton of one neuron and the cell body, dendrite or axon or another neuron
    or the space between the bouton and the cell membrane of a muscle fiber neuron to muscle synapse
  2. b 1. AP arrives at the terminal bouton
    2. this causes depolarization of presynaptic membrane
    3. Influx of calcium (CA++) from synaptic cleft
    activates neurotransmitter release from the synaptic vessicles
  3. c by response frequency
  4. d microglia
  5. e positively charged sodium ions leak into the cell in great numbers and membrane becomes more positive/less negative by at least 30 mV

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  1. they hold neurons in place.
  2. conductile segment
  3. 2 - 100 meters/sec.
  4. repolarization
  5. multipolar

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  1. What is the termination of a nerve fiber (and its branches) on a muscle?-70mV


  2. When are pathways in the CNS fully myelinated?2 years of age


  3. A strong stimulus will evoke generation of ____ APs per units of timeNeuron fluid inside is more negative than fluid outside a neuron.


  4. When are they released?at a synapse


  5. By providing insulation, glial cells prevent _____negative in resting cell