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  1. A weak stimulus evokes a _____ potential
  2. What is the nerve to muscle ratio?
  3. What is an internode?
  4. What is IPSP?
  5. ________ are chemical agents released at the presynaptic terminal.
  1. a creates state in which neuron is prevented from firing neurotransmitter substance hyperpolarizes the receptor membrane
  2. b distance from one node of ranvier to the next along the course of the axon fiber
  3. c describes how many muscle fibers are innervated by a single motor neuron
  4. d Neurotransmitters
  5. e small
    small voltage change

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  1. axon
  2. It depolarizes
  3. in normal death or in cell death due to injury
  4. prenatal
  5. neuromuscular

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  1. What is EPSP?neuron to cell body (soma) or dendrite of a neuron


  2. What are the steps in the process of synapse and neurotransmitter release?1. AP arrives at the terminal bouton
    2. this causes depolarization of presynaptic membrane
    3. Influx of calcium (CA++) from synaptic cleft
    activates neurotransmitter release from the synaptic vessicles


  3. What is glioma?tumor involving glia


  4. What is are three types of glia tumors?Tumors


  5. What is the synapse of each axon terminal (bouton) of a motor neuron on a voluntary muscle fiber?2 - 100 meters/sec.