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  1. What do dendrites receive?
  2. What are the 3 types of neurons?
  3. What follows the absolute refractory period?
  4. What are the cells that remove cell debris generated in normal cell death and in degenerating brain tissue/cell death due to brain injury?
  5. What has one process extending from the body and divides into central and peripheral processes?
  1. a microglia
  2. b Multipolar
  3. c relative refractory period
  4. d integrative synaptic input from other neurons
  5. e unipolar neurons

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  1. tumor involving glia
  2. Schwann Cells
  3. Oligodendroglia
  4. Action Potential
  5. summation

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  1. By providing insulation, glial cells prevent _____negative in resting cell


  2. What are neurons?Individual nerves cells that conduct signals in the NS.


  3. How is electrical potential measured?by differences in ion concentrations across the cell membrane (between the intra vs. extracellular fluid)
    cell metabolic activity (diffusion of potassium)
    selective transport (gated channels in the cell membrane)


  4. What is a soma?cell body


  5. What is the range of conduction speed for myelinated neurons?-70mV