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  1. What are neuroglia cells?
  2. What do nerve cell serve?
  3. ________ are chemical agents released at the presynaptic terminal.
  4. What is neuroaxonal?
  5. What are the neoplasms?
  1. a sensorimotor activities and higher mental functions (e.g., memory, thought, language, reasoning and calculation.)
  2. b neuron to axon of a second neuron
  3. c Neurotransmitters
  4. d Tumors
  5. e supporting and insulating cells. also interstitial cells

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  1. refractory
  2. cell body
  3. pre-synaptic membrane
  4. Action Potential
  5. around m-90mV

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  1. What is EPSP?creates state in which neuron is prevented from firing neurotransmitter substance hyperpolarizes the receptor membrane


  2. What is known as the receiving tree?dendrites


  3. Where are neurons not encapsulated/insulated from each other?at the synapses


  4. In bipolar neurons, what is the peripheral process?dendrite


  5. Where are microglia found?have 2 processes extending from each pole of the body