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Trust v. Mistrust: Babies develop trust for caregivers through learning that their requests (crying) are effective. Vital in developing sense of trust and mistrust.
Autonomy v. Shame and Doubt: Babies gain control of their own bodies through potty training, temper tantrums, saying "no". Vital in learning to control ourselves and emotions.
Initiative v. Guilt: "Why?", encourage curiosity of children at this stage leads to comfort in expressing curiosity, scolding of questions leads to avoidance of questioning in the future.
Industry v. Inferiority: Formal education starts, evaluations and competition between classmates and expectations for children emerge. Inferiority complex is developed.
Identity v. Role Confusion: Adolescents discover a comfortable social identity. Tries out different roles. Must find a stable sense of self to lower chance of identity crisis later on in life.
Intimacy v. Isolation: Young adults with stable identities try to balance work and relationships. Patterns established influence future efforts on work and relationships.
Generativity v. Stagnation: Reflect on life path and attempt to seize control so that life goes in the direction expected. Changes can be made to identities and close ones to accommodate the expected life path.
Integrity v. Despair: Reflect on accomplishments and decide if satisfied. If decided that life was meaningful, gain ability to step outside of social pressures and offer wisdom and insight. If regretful over accomplishments, possible to fall into despair over lost opportunities.