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  1. inter
  2. genius
  3. progeny
  4. terrace
  5. genuine
  1. a to bury in the earth
  2. b a level platform of earth
  3. c origination from the one true source
  4. d the children born to a person
  5. e a person born with great intelligence

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  1. math that deals w/ the measurement of the earth
  2. a group of people born around the same time
  3. an earth shaped stones w/ crystals inside
  4. science that records facts about the earth's surface
  5. the physical features of a region of the earth

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  1. indigenousborn in, growing naturally in a particular region


  2. genderthe sex a person is born, male or female


  3. geologyscience that deals w/ earth's history recorded in rocks


  4. mediterraneanlying under the surface of the earth


  5. subterraneanlying under the surface of the earth