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  1. generous
  2. gender
  3. terrace
  4. geode
  5. genuine
  1. a origination from the one true source
  2. b an earth shaped stones w/ crystals inside
  3. c a level platform of earth
  4. d the sex a person is born, male or female
  5. e very giving, as if born with a lot of money

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  1. science that deals w/ earth's history recorded in rocks
  2. the sea located in the middle region of the earth
  3. typical of an original, but not coming from the one true source
  4. the children born to a person
  5. lying under the surface of the earth

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  1. geographyscience that records facts about the earth's surface


  2. terraina level platform of earth


  3. geometrymath that deals w/ the measurement of the earth


  4. indigenousa person born with great intelligence


  5. generationa group of people born around the same time