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An Overview of AZCIS


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What does AZCIS stand for?
Arizona Career Information System
HOUSE icon
In this tab there are links which include activities to help you to learn more about yourself, your schools and about employment.
PLAN tab
Within this tab you can keep track of your high school activities, create a career plan and plan your courses.
This tab includes links, activities and assessments that will help you to explore your interests and evaluate what skills and work values are important to you. There is also an activity that looks at what lifestyle you would like to be able to afford compares to occupations you are interested in.
This tab helps you to review your occupation preferences, learn more about occupations including the military. You can also learn more about industry wages and working conditions.
Here you can explore what to study in college (or training program) and where, look at which schools match your preferences and compare schools. You can also track your education and learn more about how to pay for college and related expenses.
A place where you can create a resume and keep a copy of your resume, learn about how to find and keep a job.
Within this tab you are able to view your completed career- related assessments, projects and activities that were introduced in the previous tabs.
Interest Profiler
Can help you identify your interests and match them with a wide variety of careers. It doesn't tell you what you should be but organizes your interests in six broad categories of work.
Career Cluster Inventory
Helps you narrow down your career choices, it helps match your interests and the activities you enjoy with the occupations in the 16 national Career Cluster
Reality Check
Helps students realize how much money they would need to earn to cover your expenses and live the lifestyle that you want.
Resume Creator
an area where you can enter and save your employment and educational history.
Career Plan
Helps you learn more about yourself, research and evaluate your options, set and update goals, and make plans to assure your success.
School Sort
Uses your preferences to find schools that interest you.
Helps you explore occupations that match your self-assessed skills. It also helps you recognize how you can transfer your skills between occupations.
Learning Style Survey
This survey can help you identify the ways you learn best.
Course Planner
Create an individual Course Plan to map your courses for high school and postsecondary options
Work Importance Locator
Can help you learn more about your work values and help you decide what kinds of jobs and careers you might want to explore