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Prehistoric GA Vocab 2018


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sedimentary rock used by the American Indians to make knives
the work force in the Mississippian culture.
the power holders in the Mississippian culture.
garden cultivation; important to the Mississippian culture.
another name for corn
Mississippian Indians
the last major prehistoric Native American culture in Georgia; known for being large scale framers and mound builders who traded throughout North America.
Okefenokee Swamp
the largest swamp in North America; was the home to many Native Americans and a location for Spanish missions.
Wattle and Daub
walls built of a network of interwoven sticks and covered with mud or clay; used by early American Indian cultures and European settlers.
primary source
first-hand account of a historical event by someone who witnessed it (journal, newspaper, diary, photo).
secondary source
account of a historical event by someone who was not a witness (encyclopedia, movie).
oral tradition
A system in which older persons in a family repeated narratives to younger generations.
man made object