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Chapter 1: Introduction to Physical Science

sudy guide we got today for the science test friday, october 15th
Scientific Inquiry
Different ways scientist study the natural world
Steps of scientific inquiry
1.posing questions, 2. developing a hypothesis, 3. designing experiments, 4. collecting/interpreting data, 5. drawing conclusions, 6. communicating ideas and results
Quantitative observations
Observations that deal with numbers or measurements
Qualitative observations
Observations that do not use numbers or measurements (descriptions)
Another word for independent variable
manipulated variable
Another worrd for dependent variable
responding variable
dependent responding on y axis
manipulated independent on x axis
Independent variable
The variable that is changed
Dependent Variable
The variable that is expected to change because of the independent variable
constant variable
variables that are kept the same
Physical Science is divided into 2 categories-
physics and chemistry
a way of changing the natural world to meet human needs or solve problems
Scientific Law
a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen under a particular set of conditions
Scientific Theory
a well-tested explanation for a wide range of observations or experimental results
Controlled experiment
An investigation in which all variables except one remain the same
Why only one independent variable in an experiment?
To be able to determine if that specific variable was responsible for causing the change
the possible answer to a scientific question or explanation for a set of observations