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related to the senses, the transmitting of impulses from sense organs to nerve centers


outside the range or bounds of normal sensory perception


extrasensory perception


pertaining to the nervous system


science or research concerning the brain and nervous system


recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli (mostly based on memory)


something conceived in the mind; a thought, an association


thought or mental process


a condition in which one type of sensory stimulus evokes a secondary and associated response. Example: hearing a sound and that invokes a color


the science that deals with mental processes and behavior


the reaction or responses related to sense perceptions, internal states, thoughts, or beliefs about people, real or imagined

Emotional Intelligence

the ability, capacity, or skill to perceive and know our own emotions and the emotions of others

Brain Synapses

chemical synapses are specialized junctions through which the cells of the nervous system signal to each other

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