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second half of history monarchy

Who were the two persons most responsible for the reorganization of Jewish life during the period of Restoration (after the Babylonian exile)?
Ezra and Nehemiah
This person sought to make the Torah the basic rule of life restored in the community
Ezra (priest and scribe)
Through this person's leadership in religious and cultic reform, they wre a spark for spiritual unity
A devout and wealthy Israelite who lived among the captives from the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 721 BC
means "Jewish women" or "Jewess"
Through this person, God delivered the Jews from the Assyrians in a time of crisis
This person was a Jewish heroine and queen, works with her uncle Mordecai on the welfare of the Jews
The Feast of Purim celebrates the efforts of these two people
Esther and Mordecai
While this name refers to Judas, it has come to apply to this person's brothers and other supporters
Recounts the strong reaction to the attempted suppression of Judaism in Palestine in the second century, a revolt which brought religious and political freedom.
insists on fidelity to the law as the expression of Israel's love for God
1 Maccabees
The central event of this is the purification of the Temple
2 Maccabees
The purpose of this is to give a theological interpretation to the history of this time, the actual exploits of Judas are of less interest than God's marvelous interventions
2 Maccabees