A&P Lesson 6: Lower extremity

There are _____ (#) tarsals.
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Two small round small bones termed __________ are located on the plantar surface of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint.sesamoid bonesAnother term for the top of the foot is the _______.DorsumAnother term for the bottom of the foot is the _______ surface.plantarAnother name for the tibial spine is the ___________.intercondylar eminenceThe head of the fibula is located on the _______ (proximal, distal) aspect.proximalThe deep depression between the condyles of the femur is termed the _____________.intercondylar fossaThe posterior aspect of the knee is termed the __________ region.poplitealThe structures that act as "shock absorbers" in the knee joint are _________. They lie on the ___________ of the tibia.menisci, tibial plateauThe two ligaments that lie within the joint capsule of the knee and function to prevent anterior and posterior displacement are the _______ and ________ ligaments.anterior, posterior cruciateThe tibial plateau slopes _______ posteriorly.10-20 degreesThe patella acts as a pivot to increases the leverage of the _______ muscle located on the anterior thigh.quadricepsThe anterior surface of the knee is termed the ______ surface.patellarThe posterior aspect of the knee is termed the _________ region.poplitealThe distal tibiofibular articulation is formed by the ________ of the tibia and the distal fibula. It is a ___________ (mobility type) ______ (structural type) joint.fibular notch, amphiarthrodial, syndesmosisThe ankle joint is a _________ (mobility type) _________ (structural type) _________ (movement) joint.diarthrodial, synovial, hingeList the two movements made possible by the ankle joint.Dorsiflexion and plantar flexion or flexion and extensionThe tarsals are _______ (long, short) bones. The tibia is a _______ (long, short) bone.short, longThe __________ of the femur articulates with the ____________ of the tibia to form the knee joint. It is a _________ (mobility type) __________ (structural type) _______ (movement) joint.Medial and lateral condyles, tibial plateau, diarthrodial, synovial, hingeThe base of the patella is on its _________ (superior, inferior) surface.superior