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  1. producers
  2. detritus
  3. biogeochemical
  4. decompostiton
  5. chemical cycling
  1. a bottom of the foodchain (autotrophs)
  2. b dead animal matter produced at all trophic levels
  3. c ecosystems involving biotic and abiotic
  4. d the breakdown of organic materials to inorganic ones
  5. e the transfer of materials within the ecosystem

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  1. animals that eat secondary consumers (snakes)
  2. all the organisims in a community as well as the abiotic
  3. when a disturbed area is gradually replaced by a succession of other species
  4. the passage of energy through the components of the ecosystem
  5. small mammals (mouse)

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  1. quaternarydead animal matter produced at all trophic levels


  2. disturbancesdead animal matter produced at all trophic levels


  3. detritivores/ decomposersanimals that eat secondary consumers (snakes)


  4. primary consumersanimals that eat secondary consumers (snakes)


  5. abiotic resevoirbottom of the foodchain (autotrophs)