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  1. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
  2. Indirect compensation
  3. 401(k) plans
  4. Capitated health-care plan
  5. Nonqualified deferred compensation plan
  1. a Act that protects employment, reemployment, and retention rights for persons who voluntarily or involuntarily serve or have served in the uniformed services
  2. b Type of health-care plan in which the physician is paid on a per capita (per head) basis rather than for actual treatment provided
  3. c Plans that allow employees to make tax-favored pay deferrals toward retirement savings through a payroll deduction plan
  4. d Form of compensation commonly referred to as benefits
  5. e Income deferral benefit offered to a select group of management or highly compensated employees in the organization

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  1. Most commonly used method of job evaluation; it involves using specific factors to evaluate job worth
  2. Replaces a portion of an employee's lost income after short-term disability coverage ends
  3. Maximum dollar amount of covered medical expenses that a health-care plan will pay on behalf of any covered person during that person's lifetime
  4. Listing of grouped data, from lowest to highest.
  5. Payroll deductions selected by the employee such as charitable contributions

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  1. Comparable worthAll remuneration for services (including noncash benefits) that is taxable when paid


  2. Money purchase planPay systems in which employee characteristics, rather than the job, determine pay


  3. Revenue ActAct that added Sections 125 and 401(k) to the Tax Code


  4. General pay increasePay that employees receive when they are on call but not actually working


  5. Maturity curvesCollect information on prevailing market rates and include topics such as incentive plans, overtime pay, base pay, and vacation and holiday practices