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  1. Capitated health-care plan
  2. Short-term disability (STD) coverage
  3. Workweek
  4. Call-back pay
  5. Medicare
  1. a Any fixed, recurring period of 168 hours (7 days times 24 hours = 168 hours).
  2. b Social Security Administration program that provides medical care for people after age 65
  3. c Replaces a portion of lost income for a specified period of time for employees who are ill or have nonwork-related injuries
  4. d Type of health-care plan in which the physician is paid on a per capita (per head) basis rather than for actual treatment provided
  5. e Pay that employees receive when they are called back for an extra shift in the same workday

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  1. Rulings issued by the IRS to specific taxpayers or organizations that request an interpretation of the law
  2. Organizations that conduct business and have offices in a number of different countries
  3. Act that established uniform minimum standards for employer-sponsored retirement and health and welfare benefit programs
  4. Occurs when there is only a small difference in pay between employees regardless of their skills, experience, or seniority; also known as pay compression
  5. Act that provides individuals and dependents who may lose medical coverage with opportunity to pay to continue coverage

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  1. Older Worker's Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA)Act that amended Age Discrimination in Employment Act to include all employee benefits; also provided terminated employees with time to consider group termination or retirement programs and consult an attorney


  2. Nonduplication of benefitsEliminates the duplication of payments when an employee, spouse, or dependents have health coverage under two or more plans


  3. Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)Trust created exclusively for the purpose of paying the qualified education expenses of a designated beneficiary


  4. Fully insured health-care planHealth-care plan in which the employer pays a third-party insurance carrier premiums that cover medical charges, administrative costs, sales commissions, taxes, and profits


  5. Golden HandcuffsSystem of overlapping short- and long-term incentives to make it less likely that key employees will leave a company