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When can you legally make a left turn at a red traffic signal?
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The light at an intersection is red and a police officer directs you to go through the intersection, what should you do?follow the officers directionWhen you encounter a red arrow signal, you may turn after you come to a complete stop and look both ways for traffic and pedestrians, true or false?falseWhen you encounter a flashing red light at an intersection, what should you do?come to a complete stop before proceedingUnless directed by a police officer, you must obey all signs and signals, true or false?trueIf you encounter a yellow X lane-use signal, what should you do?move out of the lane as soon as safely possibleWhat do lane use signals indicate?where you can and cannot drive during different hours of the dayYou should never drive in a lane with a lane-use signal displaying a red X, true or false?trueAvoiding traffic controls by cutting through a parking lot or field is legal, true or false?falseThis road sign alerts you to special conditions or hazards aheadThis road sign alerts you to slow down and yield the right away, stop if necessaryThis road sign alerts you to come to a complete stopWhen driving, the car in front of you proceeds, what should you do?stop at the sign and proceed when the way is clearThis road sign indicates no right turnsThis road sign indicates you cannot drive in that directionThis road sign alerts you that you are entering a no passing zoneThis road sign indicates traffic in the lane must turn in the direction of the arrowThis road sign alerts you that traffic turning left on green must yield the right-of-way to traffic coming in the other directionThis road sign indicates that you must refrain from turning during the red lightno turn on redThis road sign indicates that no left turns are allowedThis road sign warns you that no u-turn is allowedThis road sign warns you that traffic flows only in the direction of the arrowThis road sign alerts you that you must keep to the side indicated by the arrowThis road sign indicates that the parking space is reserved for people with disabled parking permitsThis road sign indicates that the roadway ends aheadThis road sign indicates deer crossing is ahead, slow down and be ready to stopThis road sign advises that the maximum safe speed for the exit is 25 mphThis road sign indicates that a school crossing is aheadThis road sign alerts you to an upcoming railroad crossingThis road sign alerts you to a pedestrian crossing, slow down and be ready to stopThis road sign indicates a divided highway beginsThis road sign indicates that a traffic signal is aheadThis road sign indicates a divided highway endsAt railroad crossings with flashing signals, you must always stop your vehicle, true or false?trueThis road sign alerts you that the road curves to the right ahead, a safe speed to travel is 35 mphThis road sign indicates bicyclists crossing or riding beside trafficThis road sign advises you that you must mergeThis road sign alerts you that you must bear either right or left aheadThis road sign indicates you may not pass cars ahead of you in your laneThis road sign alerts you to an intersection aheadThis road sign indicates that a winding road is aheadThis road sign indicates that the right lane ends soon, so you should merge leftThis road sign warns you not to proceed if your vehicle is taller that 13 feet, 6 inchesThis road sign indicates that the speed limit is changing aheadThis road sign alerts you to a sharp right and left turn aheadThis road sign alerts you to a steep grade aheadThis road sign indicates the road ahead curves right, then leftThis road sign alerts you to a sharp right turn in the road aheadThis road sign alerts you to proceed into different traffic lanes, part of the road is closed aheadThis traffic device indicates that a work zone is ahead, keep your vehicle in the middle of the lane and obey the posted speed limitThis road sign alerts you to slow down, there is a change in the traffic route aheadYou may be fined if you are convicted of exceeding the speed limit in a highway work zone, true or false?trueThis road sign alerts you to a change in the traffic pattern or route is ahead in a work zoneTo make a left turn, you may cross double solid yellow lines, true or falsetrueWhen you encounter broken white lines in the center of the highway, what does is mean?lanes of traffic are going in the same directionWhen you encounter a broken yellow line in the center of the highway, what does it mean?passing on the left is permitted when the way ahead is clearWhen you encounter double solid yellow lines in the center of the highway, what must you do?not pass in either directionWhen driving on a two-lane Virginia road with no lane markings, you may pass a slow moving vehicle:on the left side, if there are no signs prohibiting passing and the way is clearWhen you encounter a broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line in the center of the highway, what does it mean?passing is permitted only on the side of the broken lineIf conditions such as road construction or bad weather make the posted speed unsafe, by law, you must drive slower than the posted speed limit, true or false?trueAt flashing red signals, you must always stop your vehicle, true or false?trueWhen traveling 65 mph on dry, level pavement, how far does it take the average vehicle to stop?344 feetWhen a school bus is loading or unloading passengers and the signals are not on, do you have to stop?yesWhen driving, you may travel slower than the posted speed limit, true or false?trueWhat is the maximum speed limit for passenger vehicles and motorists on non-rural interstate highways and public highways that are not part of the interstate system?55 mphWhat is the maximum speed limit in school, business, or residential zones without a speed limit sign?25 mphWhat is the maximum speed limit for areas without a speed limit sign on interstate highways?the max speed limit varies by locationWhat factors affect perception time, reaction distance, and braking distance?weather, visibility, and your mental and physical conditionWhen stopping your vehicle, what factors determine the distance your vehicle travels before it is no longer in motion?perception time, reaction distance, braking distanceIs radar detector use legal in Virginia?noA law enforcement officer signals for you to stop your vehicle. You ignore the officer's signal and the officer pursues you. As a direct result of the pursuit, the officer is killed. You will be:guilty of a class 4 felonyWhile driving you encounter a school bus that has stopped to load or unload children on a divided highway separated by a median. Are vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of the school bus required to stop?noWhen fire trucks or equipment are stopped answering an alarm, how far away must you park?500 feetYou arrive at a roundabout, what must you do?yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and byciclistsAs you approach a stopped vehicle with flashing lights on a four-lane highway, what should you do?change to a lane not next to the emergency vehicle, if you can change lanes safelyWhen police or other emergency vehicles approach you from behind using flashing lights, what must you do?immediately yield the right-of-way, safely pull over to the right edge of the road and stopWhat must you do while driving inside a roundabout?stay in your lane until you are ready to exitWhat is the closest distance you can follow an emergency vehicle responding to an emergency?500 feetDrivers must yield to all military convoys, true or false?trueYou are on a private road or driveway and are about to enter a roadway. What must you do before entering the roadway?stop and yield to all traffic and pedestriansWhat must you do when you are driving down a road and encounter a funeral procession?yield the right-of-wayWhile driving down the road, you are approached by an emergency vehicle using sires and/or flashing lights. How must you react?immediately yield the right-of-way, safely pull over to the right edge of the road and stop until the emergency vehicle has passedThe traffic lights at an intersection are not working, what must you do?the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the rightAs a driver entering an interstate from an entrance ramp, you have the right-of-way, true or false?falseWhenever you are passing another vehicle, when should you return to the right lane?as soon as you can see the front of the passed vehicle in your rearview mirrorWhen you see that a vehicle is about to pass your vehicle, what should you do?maintain a steady speed or slow downBefore beginning to pass another vehicle, what should you do?check traffic ahead, behind, and in your blind spot, and then signalWhen driving, what is the correct hand signal for stopping?left hand and arm pointing downwardWhenever you are driving on a multi-lane highway and are driving slower than traffic around you, which lane should you stay in?the right laneWhen driving, u-turns are permitted on highways, true or false?falseHow far away from a turn should you signal the turn?3 or 4 seconds, 100 feetWhat should you do before you change to another lanegive the proper turn signal, check your side and rearview mirrors and quickly glance over your shoulder, and check for any vehicles that may be in your blindspotWhen driving, what is the correct hand signal for a right turn?left hand and arm pointing upwardWhat is over-correcting?when the driver turns the steering wheel more sharply than expected, causing the rear wheels of the vehicle to slide toward the outside of the turnThe majority of over-correction crashes:are single vehicle crashes and are often preventableWhen driving, what is the hand signal for a left turn?left hand and arm pointing straight outWhen stopped and waiting to make a left turn at an intersection, what direction should your wheels face?straight aheadWhen can you legally pass a vehicle on the right?if the vehicle you are passing has signaled and is making a left turnWhen approaching or passing a person on a bicycle, what should you do?reduce speed and pass at least 3 feet to the leftWhen making a right turn, you should turn from the lane closest to the curb to the lane farthest from the curb, true or false?falseWhat rule should you use on a dry surface when you are traveling under 35 mph?the two second ruleTo determine if you are following far enough behind the vehicle ahead of you:use the two, three, and four second rulesWhen should you change your following distance?when speed or road conditions changeWhat is the ability to stop affected by?road conditions, vehicle speed, driver alertness, and the weight of the vehicle you are followingWhat should you do in order to create a space cushion around your vehicle?stay in the middle of your laneWhat does maintaining space around your vehicle do?gives you distance to react in emergencies and avoid a crashWhen is a driver tailgating you?the driver behind you is following too closelyWhen should you decrease your following distance?when entering an expresswayWhat rule should you use on a dry surface when you are traveling at 46-70 mph?the four second ruleWhat should you do when the driver behind you is tailgating you?gently tap your brakes to flash your break lights and slow downWhat are blind spots?the danger areas to the sides of your car that cannot be seen in the mirrorsHow do expert drivers anticipate traffic?by focusing their eyes 20 to 30 seconds aheadHow can you avoid driving in someone else's blind spot?speeding up or dropping backWhat is the best way to see a car in your blind spot?quickly glance over your shoulder and check for any vehicles that may be in your blindspotWhen you are driving a vehicle with a light-to-medium trailer, be sure to:allow for added length of the trailer when switching lanesYou should expect motorcyclist you are following to make sudden changes because:a slight change or debris in the road surface can be a major obstacle for a motocyclistWhen it comes to driving near bicyclists, it's a good habit for drivers to:slow down when approaching bicyclists, give them plenty of room while passing them, and be prepared to stop suddenly when approaching themThere's a 50 50 chance that you will be involved in an alcohol related crash sometime during your life, true or false?trueTo avoid the results of drinking and driving, what must you do?decide before you start drinking that you are not going to driveWhat should you do if you must engage in distracting behavior?pull over and stop the vehicle in a safe locationA 12 ounce can of been has the same amount of alcohol as:a shot of liquor or 5 ounces of wineYour ability to drive is unaffected by any over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, true or false?falseWhat does taking drugs along with alcohol usually do?multiplies the effects of bothWhile driving, you hit an unattended vehicle, what are you required to do?leave a note that can be found easily at the scene of the crashWhat must you do whenever you are involved in a vehicle crash?stop, help any injured, report the crash to the police, exchange information and notify your insurance companySending text messages while driving is illegal for:all driversOften the actions of drivers who have been drinking are quite similar to those of tired drivers, true or false?trueWhat should you do in the event you hit a deer?report it to law inforcementDrivers under the age of 18 are prohibited by Virginia law from using cell phones or any wireless communication device while driving except in a driver emergency while the vehicle is lawfully parked or stopped, true or false?trueCoffee, cold showers, or exercise will help you sober up from consuming an excess of alcohol, true or false?falseDrivers over the age of 21 are legally under the influence of alcohol when their blood alcohol content is:0.8% or higherWhat is the only thing that will decrease alcohol intoxication?timeWhat can you do to reduce the chances of falling asleep at the wheel?get plenty of sleep before a tripWhat is the best way to avoid hitting a deer?be alert at dusk and dawn, especially in the fall, use the horn to scare deer away, and slow down if you see a deer near or crossing the roadFor drivers 21 or older, sending text messages and reading text messages while driving is legal, true or false?falseWhat do researchers estimate between the hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.three out of every ten drivers are drunkIf you are under the influence of any drug that impairs your driving ability, you may:face the same penalties as driving under the influence of alcoholTransporting children under the age of 16 in the bed of a pickup truck is legal in Virginia, true or false?falseThe driver and all front seat passengers must wear safety belts under Virginia law, true or false?trueIf you are convicted of violating the child restraint law, the first time you will be:fined $50Which occupant of a vehicle is responsible for making sure that children are properly secured in a vehicle?the driverCars with air bags make crashes more dangerous, true or false?falseWhat should children from birth to at least 2 years of age be secured in?a child safety seat that is rear facingUnder what age must all children be properly secured in a child safety seat or booster seat when riding in vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1968?8If the driver's or passenger's physical or medical condition prevents the reasonable use of a safety belt, a waiver of the seat belt requirement may be granted by who?a licensed physicianYou may have your driving privilege be suspended or revoked by the court if you are convicted of:reckless or aggressive driving, operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license, and failing to pay for gasYour driving privilege will automatically be suspended if you refuse a breath test, true or false?trueYour privilege to drive will be withdrawn temporarily, if your license is:suspendedThe court of DMV will suspend or revoke a driver's privilege to drive if they are convicted of:DUI, making a false statement to the DMV, taking a driver's license exam for another person, or appearing for another person to renew a licenseYour privilege to drive has been terminated when your driver's license has been revoked, true or false?trueIf you receive 18 demerit points within 12 months or 24 points within 24 months, what will the DMV do?suspend your driving privilege for 90 days and require that you complete a driver improvement clinicAn additional 30-day mandatory jail term will be added to a conviction for any DUI offence involving a juvenile passenger in the vehicle at the time of the offence, true or false?falseWho is responsible for making sure that drivers are able to safely operate motor vehicles?the DMVA driver under the age of 21 has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.2% is considered to be driving under the influence (DUI) according to the laws of virginia, true or false?trueLaw enforcement may charge you with drinking while operating a motor vehicle if:you have an open container of alcohol in the passenger area, the contents have been partially removed, and you show signs that you have been drinkingDMV will require that you complete a driver improvement clinic if you are convicted of a demerit point traffic violation committed while under age 18, true or false?trueHow long will your driving privilege automatically be suspended for if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.8% or higher while you are driving and law enforcement charges you with driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or refusing a breath test?for seven days for a first offence, for sixty days or until you go to trial for a second offence, or until the trial for a third offenceThe passenger area of a vehicle includes any areas within a driver's reach, including an unlocked glove compartment, true or false?true

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