Facebook 310-101 Targeting: Core Audiences


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Facebook advertising
Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or through mobile apps with Audience Network
audience types
help marketers target ads with data that people self-report to Facebook publicly
three distinct targeting strategies for marketers
Core Audiences: Target ads using Facebook data.

Custom Audiences: Use data from your CMS, website, mobile app, or other sources to target Facebook ads to people you already know.

Lookalike Audiences: Surface new audiences by combining Custom Audiences with Facebook targeting.
default Facebook ad targeting option
core audience
ad set level
Level where targeting happends
Elements of a Core Audience
demographics, locations, interests, behaviors, and connections
Location-based targeting
Everyone, locals, new residents, visitors
Geographic targeting
Use the Browse feature to target your ads worldwide, by geographic area, country, city, or postal code.

Type in an address to deliver your ads to people who live within a 1 to 50 mile radius of this location.
Target by region
identify and target countries based on non-geographic commonalities.

Free trade areas: Advertise within a single free trade area — for example, the European Economic Area.

App Store regions: Target only countries where the iTunes App Store, Android Paid Store, or Android Free Store is available. Or mix-and-match.

Emerging markets: Identify and advertise in one of more than 20 countries that are experiencing rapid economic growth.

Euro Area: Target people in countries that use the euro as their common currency.
Demographic targeting
Targeting ad delivery by demographic traits—such as age and gender

You should only add language targeting if the language you're targeting is not the primary language spoken in the location you're targeting.
Interest targeting
reaching people based on their interests, activities, Pages and posts they like, posts and comments they make, and closely related topics.
Behavior targeting
reach people based on device usage and other activities
Audience size
only needs to meet one targeting criteria, not all.

When adding multiple targeting characteristics, be aware that each additional one narrows the total pool of people that your ad set can be shown to; the Audience Size indicator can help you find the right balance.
Multicultural Affinity (US only)
Facebook's targeting solution is not based on ethnicity. Our US Hispanic, African American, and Asian American affinity audiences are defined by peoples' affinity to cultures they've demonstrated an interest in through their behaviors on Facebook. This is why you'll find affinity group audiences under behaviors, rather than demographics.

*Specific categories such as housing, employment, and credit cannot be marketed on the basis of multicultural affinity.*
Target by device
You can create ads to include or exclude people by desktop browser and operating system under Digital Activities, or by mobile device under Mobile Device User.
Target by connections
You can also include or exclude people from Core Audiences based on whether they engage with your Facebook Page, your apps, or your Facebook Events.

You can also target or exclude friends and connections of people who have engaged with your content.
Audience overlap
When you have two or more audiences selected, you can check the overlap between them using the Actions dropdown.

can become problematic if the percentage of overlap and the budgets of the overlapping ad sets are high enough, and the audiences are being used at the same time. This can cause ad sets to end up in the same auction. We don't allow ad sets from the same Page or app to compete against each other because that could lead to advertisers driving up costs on themselves. So we remove the ad set that has a worse performance history from the auction. However, if we have to remove duplicative ad sets from auctions a lot, that can reduce delivery.
Solving Overlap
If you think overlapping audiences are affecting the performance of your ads, try these strategies:

Craft different ads targeted to different audiences to segment audiences more specifically. If you're looking to create awareness for cooking classes, customize different ads for each audience. For example:
Females, ages 20-35: Cooking classes are a great date night activity
Males, ages 20-35: Learn to make simple, five-ingredient meals
Busy families, ages 36-50: Master fast and healthy dishes even picky eaters will love

This strategy not only helps create more relevant messages, but reduces targeting overlap and underdelivery.

Consolidate audiences with high percentages of overlap into single larger audiences.
Evaluate the timing of ad sets and decide if they can be run at different times.
Exclude similar audiences.
Audience exclusion
select Exclude from the Audience section of your ad set.

"EXCLUDE people who are in at least ONE of the following."

And chose the audience that overlaps with your target.