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second largest country in the world
one of the only countries which is bordered by 3 oceans
Canada's motto
"from sea to sea"
Canadian North
one of the least used and most deserted areas in the world
Canada's Arctic Islands
Baffin Island, Victoria Island, Ellesmere Island
Island on Canada's east coast in the northern Atlantic
Vancouver Island
largest island on N. America's west coast
has the longest coastline in the world
Hudson Bay
the world's largest bay
Canadian Shield
horseshoe shaped region which covers half of Canada; source of Canada's mineral wealth
St. Lawrence River
one of Canada's major rivers; second to the Amazon in the amount of water it carries
St. Lawrence Seaway
largest inland seaway; allows ships to sail from the Atlantic ocean inland to Lake Superior
Great Lakes
largest group of freshwater lakes in the world; contain one fifth of the earth's freshwater supply
Great Lakes List
List them!
Niagara Falls
more water flows over this per second than flows over any other waterfall in the world
Lake Superior
largest freshwater lake in the world
Great Bear Lake
world's seventh largest freshwater lake and the largest lake entirely within Canada
Mackenzie River
Canada's longest river
Western Cordillera Mountain Chain
stretches from the southern tip of South America to the Arctic Ocean
Canadian Rockies
important mountain chain in Western Canada
Appalachian Mountains
stretch from the southern US up to Nova Scotia
fierce warriors from Scandinavia who were skilled craftsmen and daring seamen
Leif Ericson
Viking who discovered the North American continent
Christopher Columbus
the first modern explorer to discover the New World
John Cabot
the first modern explorer to reach the North American mainland
John Cabot
claimed Canada in the name of England
Northwest Passage
mythical sea route from North America to Asia
Jacques Cartier
French explorer who was looking for the Northwest Passage; he didn't find that, but he did discover the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He traded with the Native Americans he met.
Jacque Cartier's explorations
gave France a claim to Canada and opened the way for a valuable fur trade between the French and the Indians
Samuel de Champlain
French explorer who established a fur trade with Native Americans and who discovered Lake Champlain
Samuel de Champlain
helped build Quebec
built in 1608; the first important French settlement in the New World
Henry Hudson
British explorer who was looking for the Northwest Passage. He discovered Hudson Bay; his crew mutinied, and set him adrift in the Bay
Hudson's Bay Company
Canada's oldest business, which was founded in London, England, and which caused a rivalry with France over the fur trade.
French and Indian War
was a result of unclear boundaries in North America; conflicts between France and England grew until this was declared.
Quebec Act of 1774
With this, the English granted the French settlers rights to their own language, religion, and civil law.
American citizens who moved to Canada because they did not want to fight in our War for Independence. They were still loyal to their king.
Dominion of Canada
This united Canada into one colony; by 1931, Canada was a self governing member of the British Commonwealth.
in Canada, self-governing region similar to a state with its own capital
in Canada, a sparsely populated region with its own capital, but without a strong government
Prince Edward Island
Canada's smallest but most densely populated island
Newfoundland and Labrador
Canada's youngest province
New Brunswick
This province is mostly forest, and it is Canada's fourth largest timber producer
Bay of Fundy
In New Brunswick, this has some of the highest tides in the world
Nova Scotia
called "Canada's Ocean Playground" because of its ties to the ocean
Henry Alline
missionary to Nova Scotia who, tragically, died very young. Called "the apostle of Nova Scotia"
Quebec City
the only walled city in Canada or the US
Canada's largest province in land area and second largest in population
second largest city in Canada; one of the world's largest inland ports
Canada's most populous province
the capital of Canada
capital of Ontario, and Canada's largest city
prairie province which contains Canada's leading grain market as well as the polar bear capital of the world
prairie province which is called "Canada's Bread Basket"; Cam Ward is from Saskatoon in this province.
western province with prairie, mountains, and beautiful national parks; the largest mall in N. America is in West Edmonton in this province
British Columbia
only province that borders the Pacific ocean; "Once Upon a Time" is filmed here
Mount Logan
Canada's highest peak; in the Yukon territory
Dempster Highway
The only public highway above the Arctic Circle which operates year-round; runs through the Northwest Territory
formed in 1999 to provide a self-governing territory for the Inuits