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A Trip to the Moon (1902) was directed by
George Meilies
____________made a series of still photographs of a running horse by using a series of cameras.
Edward Muybridge
These developments is a part of a larger Expressionist movement in European culture at 1920s
German Expressionism
Two genres that were especially influenced by Expressionism are _______ and __________
horror and noir
A movement that realistically reflecting the difficult Economic and moral conditions after war
Soviet Montage
Captured the "beauty of ordinary life"
Italian Neo Realism
Cahiers du cinema is
__________ period pieces set during Edo period (1603-1608) or earlier
Shomigenki is
film realistic about common working people
Cahiers du cinema had two guiding principles is
rejection of classical montage style & bear stamp authorship
What is the first Japanese color film
Keisuke Kinoshita (1951)
What is the first film was produced at Tanah Melayu
Laila Majnun (1933)
Akira Kurosawa director from
Who is the first director in Tanah Melayu
B.S Rajhan
_______ describes five methods of montage.
Sergei Einsestein
Who is pioneering Japanese Cinema?
Shozo Makino
What is film received a lot of positive comments and give impact to to the Malay film industry
Penarek Becha