Cleaning Procedures
The step taken to ensure sanitation in the kitchen.
Components that react with another substance or temperature change to form single substance. Ex// proteins react with heat to form scum on milk.
Foods heated or cooked through direct contact with the heat. Ex// corn heated in a saucepan on top of the stove.
The heat process by which a fan circulates the heat to shorten cooking time. Used in baking and roasting in the oven
Cooking terms
Directions in a recipe that explain the steps needed to complete the cooking process when preparing food.
cultured milk products
Milk products that have acid added to change flavor and consistency of milk to create a new food product. Ex- yogurt, sour cream buttermilk
Clumps that form in milk products when heated at too high temperature.
cutting terms
Directions in a recipe that explain the steps needed to cut the ingredients to prepare a particular food.
The volume of an ingredient in a specific amount of space. Lower density foods cook quicker than density foods. Ex/ ground meat cooks quicker than roast.
Dried beans
This are dry beans , frijoles que necesitan que hablandar para ablandarse.
utensils, as knives, forks, and spoons, used at the table for serving and eating food. (silverware)
Refers to white sugar that has the texture of loose sand.
high quality
Characteristics of products that meet or exceed minimum requirements for a given product
A substance that has been mechanically mixed to prevent separation of solids and liquids such as milk.
Fermented milk similar in taste to yogurt, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine
kitchen centers
Areas in the kitchen where particular activity occurs such as the cooking and serving center, cleaning center, food storage and preparation centers.
leavening agent
An ingredient that causes a baked product to rise. Ex/ yeast, steam, baking soda, baking powder.
The various cloths used in preparation foods, cleaning eating ex/ dish towels, dish rags, napkins
measuring terms
Directions used to convey the amounts of ingredients in a recipe and/ or procedures and equipment required to accomplish measuring.
milk scum
This is when the milk has the little bubbles when is heated in an uncovered pan.