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What were the reasons for the Whiskey Rebellion? Who was it aimed at particularly?
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The government guaranteed that the people on the frontier would be loyal to it because the new government accepted the frontier territories that have the necessary population into new states. These territorial claims affected their relationship with neighboring Indians, resulting in a confusing situation on how to deal with the Indians living inside of the new states.
John Jay was sent to Britain to demand the immediate withdrawal of British troops from the frontier, and demand compensation for the recent assault on American shipping vessels,
and to negotiate a new commercial treaty. Most of these goals were not met, however there was a commercial relationship between the US and Britain
The old style of election was two votes, the candidate that gained the most votes become the president and the president with the second most votes became the vice president, so the federalist majority voted for Adams and the democratic-republican minority voted for Jefferson, leading to a federalist president and democratic-republican vice president.
The quasi-war was caused by conflict between France and the US, where the US wanted to stay neutral and the French wanted the US to fight with them against the British. The US stayed neutral, however they made a trade agreement with Britain that lead the French to start attacking US merchant ships because they felt like they broke their neutrality. The US responded by creating a navy and capturing many French privateer ships.
The US attempted to silence those who opposed the undeclared war by putting forth the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Sedition act allowed the government to prosecute those who engaged in sedition against the government, however this right was widely abused and often used to quiet any political opponents. The Alien act placed new obstacles in the way of citizenship, and gave the President the power to deny any person citizenship. These acts mostly affected the Republicans who quickly fought back in Congress.
Key issues in the president election of 1800 were conflict in the election process, in order to secure Jefferson's victory, someone would not vote twice so Aaron Burr would not have the same amount of votes as Jefferson, however the politician decided to vote anyways, and there was 73 votes for both Burr and Jefferson, the state governments had to decide who would be president, and after concluding Burr was too unreliable to trust, Jefferson was elected.
Explain the "cultural independence" Jeffersonian Americans sough. What means of expression did this "independence" findJeffersonian Americans sought a cultural independence as independant as their politics were. Through writers such as Washington Irving and Noah Webster, an American cultural independence was created.What sort of works by American authors were most influential? Why?Works that emphasized American greatness, and an utopian society became popular. They were the most influential works, because everyone desiring that life.What caused the Second Great AwakeningReligious skepticism was majorly the cause of the second great awakening, because the American Revolution created a separation of churches and governments, there was no punishment for challenging the churches' ideas. Churches and theologists needed to combat the rationalists somehow, so they preached and tried to reinforce Christianity.What was the "message" and the impact of the Second Great AwakingThe message of the Second Great Awakening was mostly "Individuals must readmit God and Christ into their daily lives." The impact of this was a restoration of fate throughout the nation.What role did Eli Whitney play in Americas Industrial Revolution? What impact did his inventions have on the South? The north?Eli Whitney's creation of the cotton gin revolutionized the South. This creation took away the hardest part of creating cotton, and therefore cotton was much easier to create, and this strengthened the southern economy. In the North, there was also a positive turn. With all the raw resource abundant, Northerners were able to create industry from the cotton.What affect did Americans transportation system have on industrializationThe invention of the steam boat and creation of new roads led to an increase in industrialization because of the ease of trade and transport. The steam boat allowed for easy trade and transport along the Mississippi river, while the roads allowed quick transport from key ports to industries/markets.What were the characteristics of American population growth and expansion in the years between 1790-1800The American population growth and expansion from 1790-1800 were characterized by rising cities, consisting of workers for the new textiles and other industries. Most people were still farmers, but these cities became major centers of commerce and learning.What were the fundamental principals of Jeffersonian DemocracyThe fundamental principles behind Jeffersonian democracy were the beliefs in a limited national government due to the fear of tyranny, a strict interpretation of the constitution, an opposition to a national bank, and he believed in an agrarian society.What reform was made to avoid the problems caused by the 1800 presidential election?The reform made to avoid problems caused by the 1800 presidential election was the addition of the 12th amendment to the bill of rights. This amendment separated the elections of the President and Vice President.Why did Alexander Burr hate Alexander Hamilton so much? What was the "Burr Conspiracy"Aaron Burr disliked Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton refused to secede from the Union while Burr was in full support of the succession .The Burr Conspiracy was Burr secretly planning to secede with New England, and when Hamilton claimed Burr of committing treason, Burr challenged him to a duel.What was Tecumseh's agenda? How was it achieved?Tecumseh agenda was to unite the tribes of the Mississippi Valley, halt white expansion, recover the whole North West, and make the Ohio River the boundary between the US and the Indian country. His goal was never fulfilled achieved.Why did the US feel that its neutrality rights were being violated by Britain and France in 1805-1807The United States felt their neutrality rights were being violated by France and Britain in 1805 and 1807 because the two ally nations were not allowing the US to remain neutral. Each side would be hostile towards them if they tried to trade with the other, along with a constant impressment of US troops by the French and British.What was the impact of the Chesapeake incident on Anglo-American relationsThe impact of the Chesapeake incident on Anglo-American relations were an increase in tension between the British and US, especially after they refused to renounce impressment. British ships were instructed to leave US waters, overall creating an age of tension.How economically and politically effective was the Embargo Act? What role did it play in the 1808 presidential election?The Embargo Act was an act passed by republican legislators, restricting any trade to anywhere in the world. Economically and politically this law was a failure. Economically, it created a depression throughout most of the nation. Politically, it was a complete failure also, because it was widely evaded, and eventually replaced by the Non-intercourse act, that reopened trade with all except France and Britain. In the election of 1808, Madison won the election because of a stronger running from Federalists because of the damage they have taken from the Embargo Act.Who were the War Hawks?War Hawks were politicians elected because they were eager to go to war.How prepared was America for the War of 1812? Where was recruitment appealing ? Where did it not go well and why?America was not prepared for a war in 1812, however British Canada was stretched so thin from the wars from European wars, that the military presence in Canada was week. Recruitment was appealing because people viewed it as the 2nd war for independence, and a new feeling of patriotism swept over the country. Major problems were seen in the invasion of Canada, where they lost many invasion efforts and Fort Dearborn fell.Explain President Madison's strategic vision for the invasion of Canada? Why did it fail?President Monroe's strategic vision for the invasion of Canada was the idea that he was able to cut the British's ability from any land invasion.What were the causes/effects of the British invasion of 1814The British invaded the US in 1814 for two reasons. The first was that the Napoleonic wars were over, and Britain now had an availability of troops, so they redirected their attention to the US. Another factor was the desire for revenge for the burning of York (Toronto). Effects of these causes were the burning of Washington, D.C. and an assault on the US mainland.What effect did the Battle of New Orleans have on the war? on Jacksons career?The Battle of New Orleans didn't have much impact on the war, because the war was technically over by the time the battle happened, but it lead to great popularity for Andrew Jackson, coming out of this conflict as the hero that won the battle, and kept the key port of New Orleans from the British.List the provisions of the Treaty of GhentThe Treaty of Ghent was mostly a neutral agreement, where neither of them really benefited. Britain wanted a treaty because they had war debt, and were eager to stop all conflict, while America desired a treaty because they knew impressment would end because they no longer needed such a big navy. Britain gave up the desire for a northwest buffer state and America gave up the idea of the cession of Canada, and had to give back tribe lands, even though it was never enforced.Identify the immediate and long-term effects of the war of 1812 on AmericaImmediate effects on the war of 1812 was a commercial treaty between the US and the British, allowing the US to trade in London. The Rush-Bagot agreement disarmed the great lakes area, creating the longest "unguarded frontier" in the world. Long term effects of the war was a push westward, and a long last friendship between Britain and the US.Why did New England oppose the war of 1812New England opposed the War of 1812 because they were hurt economically losing their trade partner, and many believed that the war was just to strengthen the Republican party.What effect did the Hartford Convention have on the Federalist partyThe Hartford Convention created a great distrust for Federalists, because as soon as the idea of secession was becoming established by the Federalists, peace was to be negotiated.Was the war of 1812 "America's Second War for Independence"Many people call it the Second War for Independence, but I believe that it wasn't, because the war was not for Independence, but free trade, freedom of the seas, etc. This was more for the rights of the world, more than just America's rights.What was the XYZ affair, what was the result?The XYZ affair was when Adams sent 3 Americans to France to try to compromise with France but they refused which starked the Quasi WarHow did the Federalist attempt to silence those who opposed the undeclared war?Alien and Sedition Act Laws to expel foreigners and jail newspaper editors fir criticism of government- "scandalous and malicious writing"Who supported the Federalist partyAlexander HamiltonWhat did the Federalist believe-strong national gov -fear of mod rule -loose interpretation of constitution -favored national bank -pro manufacturingWho supported the Democrat-Republican PartyThomas JeffersonWhat did Democrat-Republicans believe-limited national gov -fear of tyranny -strict interpretation of the constitution -opposed national bank -pro farming nationWhat was Hamilton s purposes for the creation of a national bank?1. Provide loans to businesses & a national currency 2. Federal gov to pay off all federal and state war debts 3. Give federal gov place to do bakingHow would the national bank be payed for ?Federal taxes -tax on whisky -tax on importsWhy did Jefferson go to war with the barabry coast pirates? What was the outcomeThey captured our ships and sailors "Freedom of Seas" Treaty signed