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US History: Fall Final 2013

He invented the cotton gin
Eli Whitney
Un the Missouri Compromise this state was admitted as a free state
In the long conflict between Great britain and France, America sided with
neither; America remained neutral
Little Turtle was the leader of what tribe?
The Battle of Fallen Timbers
was won by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne and ended Native American Resistance in Ohio
America's second president was
John Adams
The election of 1800 was won by
Thomas Jefferson
Jackson's closest advisors were members of his
Kitchen Cabinet
Pierre L'Enfant was
a French architect who drew up the plan of Washington DC
In his Farewell Address, Washington warned America against
entangled alliances and political parties
The presidential tie in 1800 the resulted int tithe 12th Amendment included
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
America's first Secretary of State
Thomas Jefferson
A protective tariff on a foreign-made product benefits
American manufacturers of the same product
Marbury and Madison established the principle of
federal supremacy
The battle of new Orleans was won by
Andrew Jackson
The United states purchased Louisiana from
Putting one's regional interests over those of the country as awhile is
John C Calhoun and Henry Clay were
congressmen and war hawks
The Battle of Fallen Timbers ended Native American resistance in
William Henry Harrison
won the Battle of Tippecanoe
The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed during the presidency of
John Adams
John Marshall was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by
John Adams
The Cherokees march on the Trail of Tears took place during the presidency of
Andrew Jackson
America's first vice president was
John Adams
Forcing American sailors to serve in the British Navy was called
The president pro temp ore of the Senate is
the longest serving member of the majority party
The Constitution was ratified by
state conventions convened in each state
The minimum age for a member of the House of Representatives
The author of the Bill of Rights was
James Madison
The President's annual report to the nation is known as
his State of the union Address
The vice-president of the united States also serves as
President of the Senate
The right to petition the government in found in
the first Amendment
In order for the Senate or House to vote on a bill, how many members must be present?
a quorum or majority
A law that makes illegal an action that was legal when committed is
an ex post facto law
Overriding a presidential veto of a bill requires
a two-thirds vote by both houses of Congress
If Congress passes a bill and sends it to the president at least two weeks before a scheduled adjournment, and the president neither signs nor returns it, that bill
becomes law
If a member or the House of Representatives dies in office
a special election is held in the representative's district to replace him/her
New states may be admitted to the Union if
approved by Congress
Responsible for bringing the CHARGE of impeachment against a president or another federal official
House of Representitives
The powers of Congress are listed in
Article I
Bills that involve raising revenue must be first proposed
in the House of Representatives
The Vice president, in his capacity as President of the State, votes only
to break a tie
the powers of the President are listed in
Article II
The powers of the judiciary are found in
Article III
The author of the Bill of Rights is
James Madison
The president is not responsible for
declaring war
a federal official who is impeached is TRIED by
the House of Representatives
When the Constitution was written, Senators were chosen by
the legislatures of the States they represented
Judges of the Supreme Court and lesser federal courts serve for
good behavior (life)
The minimum age for a member of the Senate
In order to serve as Vice President, a candidate must be
A title of nobility may be granted by
neither a state nor the federal government
Senators are elected for
six years
If a member of the US Senate dies in office, their successor
is appointed by the governor of the state, to serve until the next election cycle
The trial of a president who has been impeached is presided over by
the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Should the president and the vice president, the next person to become president is
the Speaker of the House of Representatives
In order to take effect, the new Constitution had to be ratified by
three fourths of the states
The anti-federalists did not favor ratifying the Constitution because it did not contain
a Bill of Rights