9 terms

Chapter 6 & 7 Vocab

A group of ecosystems that have the same climate and dominant plants and animals.
The distance north or south of the Equator, measured in degrees.
Rain Forest
A tropical climate characterized by frequent heavy rains which produce dense jungle growth.
Temperate Deciduous Forest
-Eastern North America and Europe, (temperate Rain forest= Northern Coniferous Forest-cool, abundant precipitation/dry hot summer-northwestern North America), winters are cold, moderate summers are hot and humid, Plants---oak, maple, hickory, beech, chestnut, birch, ferns, and mosses (little rainfall), Animals---wolves, gray foxes, bobcats, deer raccoon, squirrels,
- Forest (or biome) that is characterized by trees that shed their leaves in the fall.
Biome that is just south of the tundra; characterized by a northern coniferous forest composed of pine, fir, hemlock, and spruce tree and acidic, mineral-poor topsoils.
-A vast region of evergreen trees south of the tundra
Land area that receives less than 30 centimeters of rain per year.
An ecosystem intermediate between an aquatic one and a terrestrial one. Wetland soil is saturated with water permanently or periodically.
Process by which a body of water becomes too rich in dissolved nutrients, leading to plant growth that depletes oxygen.
A habitat in which the fresh water of a river meets the salt water of the ocean.