Hydrology Unit

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Water Table
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Water (Hydrologic) CycleThe continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back; driven by the sun's energyevaporationa process at which molecules at the surface of a liquid absorb enough energy to change to the gaseous statecondensationwater vapor cools and becomes a liquid; responsible for creating clouds.precipitationwhen water returns to the Earth's surface in the form of ice, rain, sleet, hail, or snow, falls to Earthrunoffwhen precipitation hits the ground, water flows over the surface of the earthwater vaporwater in its gas formStates of Matterthe physical forms of matter, which include solid, liquid, and gasInfiltrationThe process in which water is soaked into the ground (and becomes groundwater).SunDriving force of the water cycle.DivideElevated land that controls direction of water flow.Watershed (drainage basin)Bowl shaped land area that water flows over before flowing into a body of water, like a stream, creek or small river.River BasinThe entire geographical (land) area of many watershed that drain into a large river.impermeableA substance (example: clay) that does not have spaces to allow water to pass through.WellDeep manmade hole drilled or dug into the ground to reach an aquifer.Artesian Wella place in the ground where water flows up to the surface because of natural water pressureWater pollutioncontamination of bodies of water often by runoff from human activities such as fertilizing lawns, animal wastes, and industrial chemicals.HydrologyBranch of science concerned with all the water on earth

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