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Chemcom: Vocabulary practice for unit 3 section A

crude oil

unrefined liquid petroleum as it is pumped from the ground by oil wells


a molecule composed only of carbon and hydrogen atoms


a process that separates liquid substances based on differences in their boiling points


the condensed products of distillation


one of the distillate portions collected during distillation

fractional distillation

a process of separating a mixture into its components by boiling and condensing the components

intermolecular forces

forces of attraction among molecules

organic chemistry

the branch of chemistry dealing with hydrocarbons and their derivatives

carbon chain

carbon atoms chemically linked to one another, forming a chainlike molecular structure


outer-shell electrons are commonly called valence electrons

valence electrons

electrons in the outermost shell of an atom

covalent bond

a linkage between two atoms involving the sharing of one pair, two pairs, or three pairs of electrons

single covalent bond

a bond in which two electrons are shared by the two bonded atoms

Lewis dot structure

the representation of atoms, ions, and molecules where valence electron dots surround each atom's symbol

structural formula

a chemical formula showing the arrangement of atoms and covalent bonds in a molecule, in which each electron pair in a covalent bond is represented by a line between the symbols of two atoms


a hydrocarbon containing only single covalent bonds


a regular triangular pyramid

straight chain alkane

an alkane consisting of molecules in which each carbon atom in liked to no more than two other carbon atoms

branched chain alkane

an alkane in which at least one carbon atom is bonded to three or four other carbon atoms

structural isomers

substances involving rearrangement of atoms or bonds within a molecule but sharing a common molecular formula

alkane 1 carbon prefix

meth- (eg CH4 = methane)

alkane 2 carbon prefix


alkane 3 carbon prefix


alkane 4 carbon prefix


alkane 5 carbon prefix


alkane 6 carbon prefix


alkane 7 carbon prefix


alkane 8 carbon prefix


alkane 9 carbon prefix


alkane 10 carbon prefix


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