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  1. largest single US employer
  2. peperoni pizza vs. cheese pizza
  3. objectives of meat inspection
  4. ___ oversees most agricultural/ meat product
  5. examples of CCPs to eliminate risk
  1. a 1. protect human health
    2. surveillance for animal problems
    3. consumer confidence
    4. improved access to int'l export market
  2. b USDA vs. FDA
  3. c USDA
  4. d FSIS - food safety and inspection service vets
  5. e cooking, refrigeration, packaging, metal detection

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  1. regular, planned
  2. local health dept.s
  3. the plant is shut down.
  4. 1. cultivation for pathogenic microbes
    2. test for Ab residue
    3. test for pesticides
    4. confirm identity of meats in "mixed products"
  5. all other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]

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  1. USDA inspection labels are ___ for meat/poultrycircular


  2. _____ must be labeled including (3)everything! carcasses, parts of carcasses, containers of meat


  3. control procedures need to be something that can be ____measured (time, temp, microbial counts) and set upper/dangerous limits


  4. states have ____ stampshazard analysis and critical control point: to prevent contamination during processing


  5. 7 step program of HACCPFSIS[food safety and inspection service] and APHIS[animal and plant health inspection services]