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  1. USDA inspected facilities must monitor presence of (4)
  2. markings (3)
  3. foreign food processors
  4. HACCP systems
  5. _____ must be labeled including (3)
  1. a hazard analysis and critical control point: to prevent contamination during processing
  2. b can NOT be visited by the FDA
  3. c everything! carcasses, parts of carcasses, containers of meat
  4. d 1. cultivation for pathogenic microbes
    2. test for Ab residue
    3. test for pesticides
    4. confirm identity of meats in "mixed products"
  5. e stamps/paper labels/tags
    meat: inspected and passed
    poultry: inspected for wholesomeness
    inspected and condemned

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  1. all other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]
  2. meat & poultry
    products containing meat or poultry
    safety of egg PRODUCTS and IMPORTED shell eggs
    optional grading program for meat/eggs
  3. cooking, refrigeration, packaging, metal detection
  4. FSIS - food safety and inspection service vets
  5. 1. ensure animals are disease free
    2. clearly label food that passed inspection
    3. minimize contamination during prcessing
    4. monitor for drug residues and pathogens

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  1. USDA authorityno mandatory recall authority, cannot condem, no direct power to close plants


  2. states have ____ stampsall different, for intrastate sale


  3. USDA inspection labels are ___ for meat/poultrycircular


  4. HACCP was a __ system but is now ___ for __hazard analysis and critical control point: to prevent contamination during processing


  5. 7 step program of HACCPFSIS[food safety and inspection service] and APHIS[animal and plant health inspection services]