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  1. 2 subgroups of the USDA
  2. examples of CCPs to eliminate risk
  3. USDA inspection labels are ___ for meat/poultry
  4. foreign food processors
  5. chemical preservatives
  1. a cooking, refrigeration, packaging, metal detection
  2. b FSIS[food safety and inspection service] and APHIS[animal and plant health inspection services]
  3. c circular
  4. d can NOT be visited by the FDA
  5. e must be ID'd
    1. polyphosphates: maintain H2O holding
    2. nitrates/nitrites: preserves red color

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  1. meat & poultry
    products containing meat or poultry
    safety of egg PRODUCTS and IMPORTED shell eggs
    optional grading program for meat/eggs
  2. hazard analysis and critical control point: to prevent contamination during processing
  3. mandatory for all plants, includes halaal/kosher, LIVESTOCK doesn't apply to poultry
  4. FSIS - food safety and inspection service vets
  5. measured (time, temp, microbial counts) and set upper/dangerous limits

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  1. HACCP was a __ system but is now ___ for __voluntary; now mandatory for meats and seafood (but optional for other foods)


  2. FDA regulatesall other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]


  3. _____ must be labeled including (3)everything! carcasses, parts of carcasses, containers of meat


  4. USDA inspected facilities must monitor presence of (4)circular


  5. elements of meat inspection1. ensure animals are disease free
    2. clearly label food that passed inspection
    3. minimize contamination during prcessing
    4. monitor for drug residues and pathogens